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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Your Past Does NOT Predict Your Future...

This is another segment of "Thankful Thursday's"!!

In honor of the 49er's recent win this past Sunday, this feature is dedicated to the 49er linebacker #52, Patrick Willis!

As the title reads "Your Past Does NOT Predict Your Future"...Patrick Willis is a living example of just that. This story, based on the life of Patrick Willis, was a special that ESPN E60 did 3 yrs ago. I saw it then and it still has the same emotional affect over me today. 

Patrick Willis is a prime example that you don't have to let the hurts or setbacks you may have once faced in life hold you back from progressing. His determination and focus got him where he is today despite the pain he's endured. As you watch this video, you will see his drive to not let his past determine his future, his ambition to succeed, his love for his family and most importantly his humbleness! Even though he's "made it" in life with all the glitz, glam and success, he remains thankful and this is why I'm dedicating *Thankful Thursday's* to one of the BEST linebacker's in the NFL today....Mr. Patrick Willis!!

Please watch his awesome story below:

If having problems viewing this video here's the link:

Hope you guys enjoyed this heartfelt story as much as I did!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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