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About Me

Hello Blog lovers :)

My name is Talya Robinson. I'm happily married, a lover of life, good vibes and all things positive!! Born and raised in Washington, DC but never far from my Island roots of Jamaica, thanks to my great-grandparents (god bless their souls) whom were natives from Kingston, Jamaica. Life has taught me that life is too short & to live it to the best of your ability doing things you love, spending time with those that love you back and understanding that every test will give you a testimony! 

This blog is a dedication to all things positive from my views, my opinions, and my tips hoping they may help you along the way in this journey we call life! 

I appreciate the love & support & thanks for checking out my blog!!


  1. I didn't forget about your blog. This blog is a lot of fun to read! I'm so proud of you! I support you 100%!


    1. Sasha,

      You KNOW I LOVE YOU girl :)!! Thanks SO much for your comment...I so appreciate you (but you knew)! Lol