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Monday, December 7, 2015

Winter Car "I.C.E." (In Case Of Emergency) Kit

With just a couple weeks left before old man winter comes, I thought it'd be a great idea to share some emergency car items because nobody wants to be stranded in the cold!!! Even if you live where the climate tends to stay fairly warm i.e. Florida, all of the items I list below are still car necessity's in case of an emergency!

So if you don't want to be stranded in the cold or stranded period, take a look at how these few handy emergency items (in no particular order of importance) can be a major help!

  • FULLY CHARGED PHONE- I know it's not all the time that we leave out with our cell phones fully charged but it's really best to try and practice this. Yes, you may have a phone charger but, if your car breaks down, battery dies etc. you wont be able to charge your phone. So, making sure you have a full charge prior to getting on the road will help- You just never know!
  • PHONE CHARGER'S- Notice I said chargers with an "s". I think it's best to carry a car charger as well as a regular charger for the house. Now, I'm sure you're thinking "why carry both" right? Well, I say that because... let's just say it's one of those rushed mornings where you forgot to charge your phone the night before and by it being a rushed morning, you don't have time to wait for your phone to charge. Well, if anything GOD forbid happens i.e breaking down, again you wont be able to use your car charger BUT if you have your home charger as well, maybe there's a local store close by you can walk to and charge your phone to make your emergency call. I'm sure the store associates would understand you needing to charge your phone to make the necessary calls.
  • FLARES- Flares are VERY IMPORTANT to have for safety reasons. We've all heard far too many times that unfortunate story of a person getting hit by a vehicle trying to change a tire. Flares can be helpful because if it's dark out at times it can be hard to see a car/person on the side of the road if the hazard lights aren't on, so having flares are more than helpful. #1 it helps the next driver to see the vehicle and #2 it alerts that they are in need of some sort of help!
  • FLASHLIGHT & EXTRA BATTERIES- Carry a flashlight with extra batteries just in case you're stranded at night and need to find something in your trunk, or if it's dark out and your trying to add fluids to your car etc.
  • WATER- Water is essential PERIOD!!! But, in this case we're speaking about water for those "I.C.E." (In Case of Emergency) times. If you're ever stranded you wanna always have water to keep hydrated- pretty simple!
  • SPARE TIRE/DONUT- Having a spare tire or donut is essential for emergencies of course!!! Nobody wants to be stranded no matter the weather and having a spare is a quick temporary fix.
  • BLANKET- Having a nice, thick warm blanket in your trunk "I.C.E." is winning!! Again, if ever stranded or your heat core goes out, baaaaeeebyyyy that blanket will be your best friend!!

I'm sure there are items I may have left out or may not even know about so, if you know of any winter car "I.C.E." items leave a comment and let me know!!

As always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday's Call For Fried Shrimp

If I didn't say this before I'll say it now....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEAFOOD!!!! Man oh man, it's like the best thing next to fashion- lol! 

I'd been craving shrimp lately so I went and bought a big bag of extra large shrimp from BJ's wholesale and they are so worth it!!

I fried a couple up using the Zatarain's shrimp fry and I must say it was a WIN!!! It was my first time using their shrimp fry because I normally just make up my own batter but this Friday was a late night so I decided to stop and pick something up. They came out GREAT! The color and the taste were on point!

Take a look...

Up close and personal

Zatarain's Shrimp Fry-Soooo Good

In the Zatarain's batter (Zatarain's shrimp fry + water)

After the batter comes more Zatarain's mix

Frying in Coconut Oil

Finished Product....Yummy!!!

Finished Product paired with a small simple salad!!!

Mixing Classic with Casual

You know when you're in the mood to be a little classy but still wanna keep it casual? Well, that was the mood last weekend. Hubby and I were going out with some friends and I wanted to be cute and comfortable! (Sidebar: he constantly teases me when we're going out because I ALWAYS wanna be cute and comfy so when it's time to get dressed he says: "what you going for today cute and comfy"? -lol). 

Anyway, I opted for the classic black dress (which every girl should have at least one of) and made it casual by adding my black and red flannel shirt tying it at the waist and I think it came out pretty nice. You've seen this look around before so here's a look at how I did it.

Take a look...

What I wore: 
Black Dress: ASOS Curve
Black and Red Flannel Shirt: Forever21
Black Pumps: Nine West

As always, thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Fall Days

Hello All!!!

We're in a new season and I am LOVING this weather here in DC!! We're still in that cute in between phase where layers are our jackets and scarfs are simply for the look vs the weather.  

This particular weekend the hubby and I had some errands to run so of course we stopped and took a few pics!

Take a look...

What I wore:
Blazer: Forever21
White Tank: Target
Jeans:  H&M Plus
Shoes: BCBG
Handbag: Aldo

As always, thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Life Is About Growing

"Let Go and Let GOD"!!

We sometimes let our "comfort zones" get in the way of us prospering! We all have a comfort zone or two. Whether it be your job, your friends, your relationship etc.... if it isn't helping you prosper- YOU MUST LET GO, AND LET GOD!! Let go of the problem and let GOD guide your steps!

You cant continue to hold on to dead weight and expect your life to be elevated! (I.E.) When you have dead/split ends, you cut them off and THEN the growing process begins! When you plant a seed and the roots begin to grow but not in unison, you cut off the old weeds and THEN the plant begins to grow!

Treat your life as a plant! Water your soul with positivity, keep yourself in the light of success and most importantly.. let go of ANYTHING or ANYONE keeping you stagnant!!!

"Let Go and Let GOD"
The bigger your faith - The smaller your problem!!

As always...thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beautiful Weather ='s Beautiful Pics

What I wore:
Pants: Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom Rack, Cami: Target, Black waterfall cardigan: Target, Shoes: 1st pic- Steve Madden 2nd/3rd pic-Nine West.

As always thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally :)

Happiness Is A Way Of Life

"Happiness is a choice!! You don't wait on it - You create it"

Nothing in life will make you happy until you truly decide to be happy!!! Some may ask what I mean by this. Well, in my opinion I feel that we control our happiness. Here are 4 simple ways to control your happiness:

  1. Start your day thankful! Give thanks for waking up and being able to start over, to start what you didn't finish, to see and experience things that those cant. You'd be surprised at how simply changing your mindset at the start of your day will impact your day!!
  2. Meditate!! Meditation is simply spending time with your inner self!! We often spend so much time focusing on our goals that we don't stop to focus on our accomplishments. Think about it....if you constantly ONLY focus on your goals, what you want to attain, or what you need to gain, you're constantly keeping your mind in a race which can cause frustration, confusion and or depression simply because it can get overwhelming. Now, I'm not saying by no means not to focus on your goals. All I'm simply saying is to take time out of your week to stop, sit back and appreciate your life and all that you have accomplished thus far. Whether the accomplishment be your job, a healthier lifestyle you've committed to, a bill you've settled, a house you've closed on, something you've worked hard to obtain etc. Because the more happy feelings you put into self, the more happiness you show :)!!!
  3. ALWAYS know it could be worse!!! Yes life will throw you curve balls but it's not about how you get OUT the storm, it's how you got THROUGH the storm that matters!! So, when something "challenging" happens in life....remind yourself that it can be worse and there's always someone going through something harder than you are. Remember- the rainbow comes out AFTER the storm!!! 
  4. And last but definitely not least.... ALWAYS show love to others!!! Be a positive force in your life!! Help someone in need. Give compliments when they're deserving! People may not remember everything about you, they may not remember your name, but they will ALWAYS remember how you treated them!! If you give positive energy, you reap positive energy! By you showing love, it shows others your happiness. It makes them wonder why is she always happy? Why does she constantly show love? And it also makes them want that same "thing"....happiness!

Now those were just a few things that I think will keep you in good spirits! Not a man, not a woman. Because at the end of the day.....this is YOUR life. You have to fully grasp the concept of "being genuinely happy" with or without companionship. Happiness starts within, with YOU! 

So, if you haven't been doing these things, give it a try because...... 

                  "Happiness is NOT a destination - it's a way of life"! 

As always....Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mashed Cauliflower w/Laughing Cow Garlic n' Herb Wedge Cheese

Baked Chicken w/mashed cauliflower

Hey Guys!!

I know there's still a lot of us trying to get that perfect "summa" body although we're halfway through the summer-lol! So, if you're trying to achieve that and stay away from carbs or just want to try a healthy rendition of mashed you go!!

I actually make this dish for my husband and I pretty often so I figured I'd share! If interested in seeing how I achieved this creamy, delicious and healthy version of mashed potatoes check out the step by step instructions below!

  • First step is to bring your pot to a boil and boil your cauliflower for approx. 6 to 8 minutes. You can opt for fresh or frozen. This particular night I used a frozen 16 oz. bag.
  • Once your cauliflower has boiled to the desired tenderness of your choice, drain all water out of pot.
  • Once all of the water has been drained out, proceed to mash as you would potatoes. (I don't completely mash them because I like to leave a little texture like homemade potatoes have).
  • After you've mashed up the cauliflower add 2-3 cubes of the garlic n' herb laughing cow wedge cheese as seen below.

  • I also used 1 tablespoon of yogurt butter. You can use regular butter or margarine. The brand yogurt butter I use is "Brummel & Brown" pictured below.

  • After you've drained and mashed the cauliflower, you're ready to fold in the wedge cheese and butter. I fold instead of stirring because I like to see bits and pieces of the wedge cheese and by leaving bigger pieces of the cheese, it gives it that extra spunk of flavor in each bite! Now you can season to your liking with a little salt and pepper. (Just an FYI...roasted sea salt gives everything better flavor :)

Take a look at the final product!

Yummy, creamy, healthy aaaaaaand delicious!! 

Let me know if you guys decide to make this and how it turns out. Or if you've made it differently, let me know so I can try...don't be stingy :) 

(F.Y.I......If you want the consistency to be more creamy, you can put the boiled cauliflower into a food processor. After you've processed it, transfer back to the pot and add your cheese, butter and season to taste). 

As always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Girl Code Violations 101


Hey Ladies!!!!

This post is strictly for the ladies...hence the title: GIRL CODE VIOLATIONS 101!

I'm sure many of you may agree with these violations and some may not. Ladies as do men, have a certain code or creed we follow. You know, certain things that are absolutely NOT okay to say or do.

Check out my top 10 girl code violations listed below (not in any particular order).  

  • NEVER let your friends leave out the house looking crazy. If it doesn't compliment their shape, or the fit itself is just not "flattering" ...tell them! A real friend wants all her girls to look good.
  • NEVER let your friend drunk text/call anybody!!! The outcome is never good. Alcohol will have you seeing a whole different reality-lol
  • NEVER let a friend leave the club with any random guy. We should all know the rule by now: "if we come together, we leave together".
  • NEVER reveal your friends secret that she trusted you with. If she says, please keep this between us, or don't tell a soul- it's normally for good reason. Don't loose a good friend because you couldn't hold water!
  • NEVER change or become distant because of a man. If you were one to party or hang with your girls before the man...make time to party or hang with your girls after the man. There's nothing wrong with enjoying spending time with your man and your friends. It's called balance IF both are important to you!! Again, that's only IF you were doing these things before your relationship. 
  • NEVER date a friends ex. NEVER EVER!!! That's just messy (IMO)! It just seems weird to try and create a future with a part of a friends past.
  • NEVER discredit a friend when around a certain person/people. That's not a real friend! You know that so called friend that will only say or treat you a certain way when that certain someone isn't around. Or how about that friend that will text you "CONGRATS!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU" but wouldn't dare put that same comment on social media! This saying supports that notion: "Some people cant show you support publicly because of what's said about you privately"!! 
  • NEVER be afraid to tell a friend that her man is a scumbag. If you know your friends man is cheating TELL HER!! I emphasized on know because that's very important. You can't go to her with the- I think or it seem like or mayyyybe because that will definitely cause strain on your friendship. But if you have facts, she can only thank you in the long run. I say the long run because initially facts or not, she may feel like you're trying to sabotage her relationship especially if they aren't facts!! But if they are..who can deny a fact!
  • NEVER act like a friend to get in the circle!!! Betrayal on anyone is a big NO-NO!!! If you have to pretend to be a friend just to get to the next....says a lot on your character!! 
                                       ---LAST BUT NOT LEAST---
  • NEVER envy or become jealous of your friends success. Just because you aren't at the place of success you'd like to be at has NOTHING to do with your friends. You know the saying: we all have the same 24hrs? Whelp, it's true!! Get up, get out there and make it happen! Now, sometimes it's not just about the hrs in the day and what you've done with them. You could be doing all she's doing, maybe more but could still be stagnant in that area of success. If that's the case, don't give up! This could be a test on your diligence!! Your job is to keep pushing and understand that success is a season and when it's supposed to happen....IT WILL!

That concludes my list of top 10 girl code violations!! If you have one that I didn't mention, let me know! 

As always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TWithTally!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Celebrating 5 Beautiful Years of Marriage in Punta Cana, DR...

As I said many of times, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to travel!!! I mean, who doesn't right? We (my husband and I) try to take a trip every year but if we're lucky, we try for twice a year! 

With all the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it's nothing more rewarding than a VACATION!!! Whether with friends, family, or MUST make time to get away!! 

This time around our vacation was to celebrate 5 AMAZING years of marriage...WOO-HOO (INSERTS MY HAPPY DANCE)!!! We chose to visit Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and it was GORGEOUS!!!! From the beaches to our resort! 

I've added a few pics from our trip ....take a looky below :)!!

Ready to roll!!

Quick view of our room :)
Me n' the Hubby!!

Annnnnd we've arrived!!!! Our view from our balcony!

Another pic of me & my baby-love!

Leaving our footprints in DR!

Housekeeping always left pretty decorations made from the towels.

Tally...cute thick chick taking room flicks :)

Dune Buggy time...funnnnerrrrs!!!

Time to ride, get dirty and dusty!

Walking on the beach, getting photo bombed by a local!

Mr. & Mrs. Robinson!

Just walking, soaking up that beautiful sun!

LOVING the water- wishing I was a mermaid:)

Off to breakfast....

One of those nights where morning comes too fast!

Rock that all white when I'm feeln' godly!

On the party boat in my D.I.Y. cover up! I must say it came out GREAT!

Anniversary gift from the fam. Reads: " 5 yrs and counting! Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Robinson"!!

This trip was EVERYTHING!!!! Their was a total of 9 of us, family and friends and I think I can say we all enjoyed ourselves! Nothing like a celebration but when you're able to celebrate with those you love that love you back.....I couldn't ask for more! I pray for mannnnnyyyyy more years with my husband and I plan to celebrate each and every year we're blessed with!!

I am truly blessed with the life I've been given! I'm not perfect nor do I know perfect people but my GOD shows me everyday how blessed I am and for his many blessing.....I AM OVERLY GRATEFUL!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed these pics! 

As always, Thanks for checking out my blog...TwithTally!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

A POP Of Color

Don't you just love a POP of color??

This past weekend we had beautiful weather and beautiful weather calls for gorgeous shoes :)!! Agree? 

I wanted to play around with this it can go so many different ways! This fit was something simple and did just what I was looking for....that POP of color!

Check out the pics below...

Catch me if you can!!

Somebody's got a B-DAY coming...

Just Tally...

Enjoying this beautiful spring weather :)

Ok, last pic! Time for brunch!

(Just an FYI....These gorgeous bright blue pumps are from GUESS)

As always... Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Easy and Simple Salmon Cakes Topped with Crab Meat

I was craving Salmon Cakes soooooo.... I made some! I also had some leftover crab meat so I figured I'd use that to top my salmon cakes with! And boy am I glad I did because when I tell you it was SUPER DEE-LISH....I've never lied-lol!

This was a spirit of the moment dish, so I apologize now for not taking pics of the ingredients used. But I will list below for those interested.

Very easy and simple ingridients....all I used was:

-3 cans of pink salmon (of course everything's better fresh but I used what I      had on hand)
-Claw crab meat (i had leftover so I used approx. 1/2 lb.)
-2 eggs
-3 tablespoons of Italian breadcrumbs
-Diced onion (as much as you like)
-Diced cilantro (optional)
-Garlic powder
-Cajun seasoning
-New Orleans Cajun Remoulade
-Scallions for garnish
-Butter and or cooking spray

Cooking instructions:

-Empty your can salmon into a mixing bowl
-Season with garlic powder and Cajun seasoning (to your liking)
-Add your diced onion, breadcrumbs and cilantro
-Add your 3 eggs already whisked
-Mix together well

Now your ready to mold your patties (size is totally up to you)

Once your salmon cakes are molded and formed, place them on a dish, cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least 30 mins. This just helps them stay molded. 

The next steps are super easy!

-Simply butter your pan with a tablespoon of butter or cooking spray (whichever you prefer)
-Remove your patties from the fridge and place in your buttered pan on medium heat.
-Keep in mind that the patties are already cooked so you're really only heating them through giving that egg time to cook and your patties time to form a golden brown color on both sides. I would say about 4 min's per side.
-Once your patties are to your liking, remove them and place aside

Now it's time to work on your claw meat - VERY simple!

-Heat 2 tablespoons of butter (I wouldn't suggest cooking spray for the crab meat because butter gives crab a much better taste)
-Empty the crab meat into your melted butter and toss around just to heat through
-Top your patties with the buttered crab meat, drizzle with remoulade, top with scallions for garnish and your DONE!!

I wanted to keep the crab meat simple so that I could still taste the freshness of the crab. However, if you want to spunk it up can't hurt.

I'm sure I will be cooking this again and I'll be sure to take pics of my ingredients and step by step as I verbally provided today.

Hope you guys enjoyed my version of Easy and Simple salmon cakes topped with crab meat! If you do this recipe or add a twist to this recipe, let me know:)

As always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!