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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happiness Is A Way Of Life

"Happiness is a choice!! You don't wait on it - You create it"

Nothing in life will make you happy until you truly decide to be happy!!! Some may ask what I mean by this. Well, in my opinion I feel that we control our happiness. Here are 4 simple ways to control your happiness:

  1. Start your day thankful! Give thanks for waking up and being able to start over, to start what you didn't finish, to see and experience things that those cant. You'd be surprised at how simply changing your mindset at the start of your day will impact your day!!
  2. Meditate!! Meditation is simply spending time with your inner self!! We often spend so much time focusing on our goals that we don't stop to focus on our accomplishments. Think about it....if you constantly ONLY focus on your goals, what you want to attain, or what you need to gain, you're constantly keeping your mind in a race which can cause frustration, confusion and or depression simply because it can get overwhelming. Now, I'm not saying by no means not to focus on your goals. All I'm simply saying is to take time out of your week to stop, sit back and appreciate your life and all that you have accomplished thus far. Whether the accomplishment be your job, a healthier lifestyle you've committed to, a bill you've settled, a house you've closed on, something you've worked hard to obtain etc. Because the more happy feelings you put into self, the more happiness you show :)!!!
  3. ALWAYS know it could be worse!!! Yes life will throw you curve balls but it's not about how you get OUT the storm, it's how you got THROUGH the storm that matters!! So, when something "challenging" happens in life....remind yourself that it can be worse and there's always someone going through something harder than you are. Remember- the rainbow comes out AFTER the storm!!! 
  4. And last but definitely not least.... ALWAYS show love to others!!! Be a positive force in your life!! Help someone in need. Give compliments when they're deserving! People may not remember everything about you, they may not remember your name, but they will ALWAYS remember how you treated them!! If you give positive energy, you reap positive energy! By you showing love, it shows others your happiness. It makes them wonder why is she always happy? Why does she constantly show love? And it also makes them want that same "thing"....happiness!

Now those were just a few things that I think will keep you in good spirits! Not a man, not a woman. Because at the end of the day.....this is YOUR life. You have to fully grasp the concept of "being genuinely happy" with or without companionship. Happiness starts within, with YOU! 

So, if you haven't been doing these things, give it a try because...... 

                  "Happiness is NOT a destination - it's a way of life"! 

As always....Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally :)

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