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Monday, August 31, 2015

Life Is About Growing

"Let Go and Let GOD"!!

We sometimes let our "comfort zones" get in the way of us prospering! We all have a comfort zone or two. Whether it be your job, your friends, your relationship etc.... if it isn't helping you prosper- YOU MUST LET GO, AND LET GOD!! Let go of the problem and let GOD guide your steps!

You cant continue to hold on to dead weight and expect your life to be elevated! (I.E.) When you have dead/split ends, you cut them off and THEN the growing process begins! When you plant a seed and the roots begin to grow but not in unison, you cut off the old weeds and THEN the plant begins to grow!

Treat your life as a plant! Water your soul with positivity, keep yourself in the light of success and most importantly.. let go of ANYTHING or ANYONE keeping you stagnant!!!

"Let Go and Let GOD"
The bigger your faith - The smaller your problem!!

As always...thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally :)

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