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Friday, August 30, 2013

Did *Eggspectation* Meet My Expectation???

"Like It...Love It or Leave It"???

"Like It...Love It or Leave It" is simply MY review on products (new or old), restaurant's, beauty products, books etc. Just wanted to give you guys MY honest review on MY experience's. 

Up first in "Like It...Love It... or Leave It" features *Eggspectation Restaurant* in historic downtown Silver Spring, MD. First let me just say that downtown Silver Spring, MD is really a cultured, fun and popping atmosphere with many activities from live bands, all sorts of restaurants, movie theaters, shopping etc. If you're from the DMV area then you know exactly what I mean. If not, you should visit, the DMV is known for fun!!

This past wknd my family and I celebrated the "rock" of the family's b-day! My awesomely beautiful, wise, patient and oh so loving grandmother!!! There really aren't enough words to describe the beauty of this woman!! Having 82yrs of life's experience's under your belt is a blessing!! So, in celebrating we went to brunch at *Eggspectaion*! The restaurant itself was very roomy in size. Fit's a good amount of people with out feeling crowded! The look has a rustic but warm feel which I love. The staff were pleasant, courteous and professional. The service overall if rating on a 1-10 scale then honestly, my personal experience would be about a 7. Maybe it was our server (whom's name I will not publish). But, the order's came out wrong, had to send some plates back to be corrected. The wait for our food was about 25 mins. AFTER being seated!! Once everything was corrected and the food finally came out, the dishes were pretty good which I guess is what matters in the end. Would I go back.....I guess I would give it try again. I posted a pic of the dish I ordered which was pretty good. See below....

Eggspectaion Menu
Our classic dish: two any-style eggs, two
slices of brioche French toast with maple syrup,
a choice of ham, bacon, turkey bacon, sausage,
turkey sausage, or Canadian bacon and our
succulent Lyonnaise-style potatoes. $13.49

Did I Like It...Love It or Leave It is now the question!

My answer: I Liked It! However, my experience was just that MY experience! Go try them out if you haven't already and your experience may be different! 

Until our next Like It...Love It or Leave It...thanks as always for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Step Into Fall Fabulous...

I love the Fall and I love a cute boot! Don't you? There are so many styles to choose from! You can rock the comfy flat rider boot, the just enough bootie, your cute wedge boot, there's always your sexy stiletto boot and of course your edgy combat boot! I've posted some oh so cute boots below....check them out and see if they fit your style like they do mine!

                                           Styles from Aldo Shoes:

Styles from Steve Madden:

Styles from Nine West:

These are just a couple of fab looks to step into fall with that will definitely have you serving TEA! 

If interested in any of these looks please visit the following sites for more info!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Benefits/Tips on *Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar*

Did you know the multi-functions that Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar has? Well, it looks like this stuff is the natural way to go for so many things i.e ...Hair & Skin care, Household cleaning, Healing the body, Cleanses, and Cooking! Who would've thought! There are several brands on the market to try. Myself, I've only tried the Bragg's and Heinz brands which seem to work as promised! When my mother in-law introduced this to me, I was like....huh...what? Lol! But, I love it & haven't turned back since. When you buy a bottle you'll notice strand like sediment floating around. No, your vinegar isn't gone bad, it's actually perfect! That strand like sediment is the MOST IMPORTANT part and it's called "the mother". The mother contains raw enzymes and friendly bacteria that promotes healing. Below is a picture of how "the mother" looks floating in the bottle.

Here are some helpful health benefits of Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar:

*Drink it- When consuming Raw-unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar it lowers glucose levels and because of this, it may even be helpful with diabetics. It is also known to be a weight-loss aid. The enzymes promote healthy bacteria in the stomach & are said to cut the fat, keep you fuller and helps you to eat less. When drinking the vinegar be sure to mix 1-2 tablespoons with water or herbal tea. As you know vinegar is pretty strong alone and if taken alone, it is said to be quite harsh on the esophagus so be sure to dilute it.

*Relieves gas, Bloating and Heartburn- Gas, Bloating and or Heartburn are no fun and are sure to ruin the party! If you ever run into one of the three, take a tablespoon of the ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) with water or tea BEFORE your meal. Those enzymes are promoting the healthy bacteria your gut needs to help break down the meal. With heartburn, try and take a tablespoon as soon as you feel it coming on. 

*Non-Toxic Cleaning Spray- Unlike ACV, most cleaning agents are very harsh in chemicals. If ever you don't want to inhale that crap, try the ACV!  ACV is such a better alternative. Not only because it's natural but it's also much more cost efficient than most cleaning supplies. It absorbs odors and also has antibacterial properties!! Can't get no better that that right? If interested in trying this as a cleaning agent, follow this simple direction: Mix one part ACV to one part water & put into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, bathroom tiles, cabinets & counter tops then wipe away! 

*Hair Care- When ACV is used as a rinse, your hair will have a nice slip. Meaning, it will feel much softer, appear shinier & also serves as a clarifying conditioner removing dandruff, oils & dirt. Also balancing your PH's, it helps seal the hair cuticle making it smoother to the touch and helps with irritation of the scalp (itchiness). Try it: Mix a tablespoon or 2 with about 1 cup of water into a spray bottle. Spray hair thoroughly after shower and make sure to rinse all of the ACV out. If not your hair may feel a bit crunchy & that aint hot! Oh....& no worries the smell will leave once your hair dries so no you wont have to walk around smelling like vinaigrette all day-lol! 

*Skin Care- Two of the biggest reasons people detox are for weight loss & clear skin. Well, good news....ACV helps with both! As the body releases toxins from your blood and tissue, some toxins make their exits through our skin which are known as annoying pimples, uninvited rashes and other red eruptions aka break outs. Using ACV as an astringent will help dry them out and heal & it's easy as 1,2,3! 
Here's how: Soak a clean cotton pad or washcloth in diluted ACV & apply it directly to the infected area. Your skin will feel smoother, tighter and helps reduce or minimize wrinkles and or fine lines. Now who in their right mind doesn't want that? 

Hope those Health Tips were actually helpful and gave you some insight on how to be a better you from the inside out!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

TopShop Fashion....

Fashion is FUN!! It's not about the price tag or the designer, it's about how you create YOUR look. Have you ever heard the saying "Fashion fades - style is eternal"? Well, I truly believe that. You can find a very thrifty, cost efficient piece and make it look like a million bucks! So, If you are constantly going with the "norm"  or with "what's in" your going to miss out. Trendy is cool, but make it your own! Fashion is about creating, and making a statement. No matter your size....wear it well!! Fashion also has to speak confidence! We all know when we are wearing something that we love.... we are walking chin high! So, dare to be different and ROCK it!!! 

Take a look at some of the hottest celebs in fashion and see which "thrifty" look you would dare to wear from!

The beautiful Adrienne Bailon seen here rocking a very polished yet fun *TopShop* fit....Serving Tea!!

The fashionista Angela Simmons seen here wearing her *TopShop* edgy but comfy romper....Serving Tea! 

My fave of all time Beyonce aka Mrs. Carter in her *TopShop* crop top & skirt.....and of course she's ALWAYS serving tea!!

Actress/Singer Christina Milian  in her *TopShop* fitted body con......serving Tea!!

I think these ladies served us a full cup of tea in their *TopShop*!! 

If interested in any of these fabulous looks or just wanna browse through the *TopShop* site please visit:

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spice It Up..."Hump Day" Part 2!

It's that time again guys....Spice it Up "Hump Day" talk!!!

"Spice it Up" edition is simply my tips and or advice on how to spice up your relationship. As the title states this is actually part 2 of Spice it up. So if you haven't checked out the first post, scroll down & do so now!! You don't want to miss out on any tips that may be able to help you or someone you know!

As I warned you in the first post...sip this tea slow because it's coming to you HOT!! 

So, let's jump right into it!

*Fun with baby oil*...As I sit and type this, I think I should have entitled this one "hot n messy" and you'll read why! First off, playing around with oils can be so much fun AND adds some heat to your situation! To get "hot n messy" you're going to need two items! 1) baby oil and 2) a shower curtain liner! Yes, you read it right a shower curtain liner-lol! Now, when incorporating oils into your fun it can get pretty messy! That's where the shower liner comes into play! It's basic fun. You first lay out the shower liner onto your bed or floor. Then massage the oil all over each other and don't be stingy the more oil the better! Once both of you are all oiled up it'll be like the game slip n slide (remember that or am I telling my age) lol! Talk about lots of fun! Try it! Go out and grab you some baby oil & a shower liner & have some fun! Oh....of course don't forget to set the ambiance by dimming your lights & lighting some candles!

*Roses as your lingerie*...Okay! Photo shoot time! But, this is not what you think, the norm roses spread all around. Nah...this is a bit sexier! We all love the element of surprise right? Well, you'll be sure to surprise your love with this one! For this particular photo shoot you'll need four items! 1) a bottle of baby oil gel, not oil make sure it's the gel! 2) a jar of honey, 3) your rose petals and last but not least a camera of course (whether it be a cannon or your cell phone)!! After you've got all pretty with hair and makeup it's time to get sexxxxy :)! Put on your baby oil gel and be sure to apply a generous amount. The goal is to have your skin soft and glowing! Now, grab your jar of honey & dab a small amount wherever you want to place the roses on your body! For example...on the nipple area of your breast, along your sides, down your stomach etc. Get creative...put them in the shape of his initial, make swirl patterns, make a heart shape etc. Wherever you place the honey, the petals are sure to stick and trust me it turns out great!! He'll love snapping these flicks just not sure how many he can stand to take -:)!! If you want to surprise him and make it a gift for valentine's day, his b-day or just because, have your bff or someone you're comfy with take the photos of you & that way you can surprise him! You can find rose petals by the bag at your local florist and even the supermarket at times in the floral department!  Try'll be a photo shoot to remember! 

*Edible Fun*...Are you a fan of edible "candy pants" for men? Known as edible panties for women. Well, if you are then you may agree when I say they are gross and taste like plastic! Yuck! But, that doesn't mean the fun has to stop...just make your own! Ah-ha...ever thought about that one? I'm sure many of you have and probably have even tried this out. You're not really "making" them just making something into "candy pants" & that something is......(drum roll)......a FRUIT ROLL UP!! Yep! Fruit roll ups aren't just for kids or for that occasional sweet tooth! They can also be for "adult fun"! That way when used as "candy pants" on your love it actually adds some flavor and doesn't taste like your consuming plastic! You know the saying from the tootsie roll lolly pop right? "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop".  Well ...spice it up even more and apply that to the "candy pants" if you know what I mean *wink*! Every time my husband & I are over someones house & we see fruit roll ups in their kitchen, we just look at each other & smirk! Try it out! I bet you wont look at fruit roll ups the same! 

*Shower Surprise*...Pretty simple but effective! Being spontaneous is key a lot of times. As I said in the first "Spice It Up" post....YOU CANT BE BORING & YOU CANT CONTINUOUSLY DO THE NORM! A shower surprise is just that! Nothing wrong with asking if you can hop in with him but I think it's much more fun if you just hop in on your own! Let him get in first. If you like (this part is totally up to you), light a nice scented candle and take it with you into the bathroom, Turn the lights off and hop in. Not only will this surprise him but it'll excite him also! We all need attention and it's nice to get it unexpectedly! Sometimes the most simple gestures are remembered the most! 

*I See You*....Incorporate mirrors into the fun! Visuals do wonders!! If you don't have a mirrored ceiling as most of us don't, incorporate the hanging door mirror. Not sure what it is about seeing yourself hot in the moment but it awakens the creativity! Just like when taking a "selfie" you adjust your face until you think it's cute and then you snap right? Well, it's the same thing! If you can see your movements, your expressions, his expressions & his movements you inner curiosity will kick in and you'll have an urge to want to go harder! They say go hard or go home right? Give it a try!

*Press Play*...Last but definitely not least are adult films. Do you prefer to watch them or make them?? Not everybody is comfortable watching adult films. Some people feel it's gross to see adults have sex and that is totally your prerogative! Adult films are known to help, teach and or spice things up! If you are one that's comfortable watching them, then pop one in, sit back & let time takes it's course!! Somethings bound to jump off! Now, if your comfort level with adult films is on another level then you can make your own! This can be tricky though! We've all heard those horror stories of the tape "mysteriously" disappearing and you don't ever want that! For that reason, you have to be 100% convinced that this person is worthy and deserving of this treat! I personally think this is the treat of all treats!! But, Being put on film is a lifetime thing & in the words of the "Queen B" aka Beyonce...."if you like it then you shoulda' put a ring on it"! My opinion...You give lifetime treats when you have a lifetime commitment! But, if you're not worried about those horror stories & are willing to experiment with the camera...then be a star & make a movie to remember!! 

Hope you found part 2 of my tips on how to "Spice it Up" interesting and willing to give them a try! If you do, come back, leave a comment and let me know what spice you added! 

Until next time and as always thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Monday, August 26, 2013

March On Washington 50th Anniversary!!!!

As many of you may know, the March on Washington's 50th Anniversary was celebrated this past weekend. Although I did not get a chance to make it due to prior engagements, some relatives went and captured some great footage for me. The celebration had a great turn out! Tens of thousands of people from across the country came to Washington, DC to be a part of history! The celebration was held on the National Mall for a daylong commemoration of the approaching 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. The March on Washington represents Jobs, Justice and Freedom. 

It was 50 years ago on August 28, 1963 that the late great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his renowned "I Have A Dream" speech from the very steps of the Lincoln Memorial. His speech along with the march helped bring about passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and also the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Saturday's march was actually one of the seven events planned for the commemoration including a speech by President Obama at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday August 28th (the actual anniversary date) where he will be joined by former Presidents Bill Clinton & Jimmy Carter! Talk about history!!!

Throughout the day, tons of photos were shared via social networks of the experience of a lifetime! Check them out below....

It was beautiful to see all races out together in equality! We as a nation still have a long way to go, but in that process we have to be thankful of how far we've come! As I always say..."Progress is a process"!!

Until next time and as always....thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Friday, August 23, 2013

"Fab Find" Friday's Featuring ASOS Curve (For my Plus size Beauties)!

This edition of "Fab Find" Friday's featuring ASOS Curve is strictly for my curvy ladies! ASOS is a fashion website that I personally can stay on ALL DAY LONG!! They have so much to offer. Like many other sites, they offer stylish & trendy fashion for ALL sizes at reasonable prices. As you know, "Fab Find" Friday's is all about "Fab Finds" for less! I believe in & live by the saying..."more bargain for your buck", so I thought "Fab Find" Friday's would be perfect!

The features below are cute & simple! From "cut out" tops you can pair pretty versatile with jeans, skirts, & pants etc. To the two best selling style jeans....the boyfriend jean vs. the skinny jean. I love a piece that can do more than one look aka your "staple pieces"! With fall approaching you can still show a little skin & cant go wrong with these cold shoulder style tops. When choosing your jean, either way you'll be winning! The boyfriend jean gives a more bold/feminine statement and the skinny jean gives a sexy/feminine statement. 

Check out these trendy items from ASOS Curve!

I absolutely LOVE this sweatshirt feat. the zip cold shoulder! OMG! Different, comfy & cute! Cant go wrong! You can grab this "Fab Find" for $54.00.

We love peplum right? Well, I know I do! This peplum top feat. the cut out cold shoulder is very versatile! Pair it with skinny jeans, a skirt, or pants! Grab this "Fab Find" for $37.13.

Do you ladies prefer the skinny jean over the boyfriend jean? Is the boyfriend jean too bulky and "boyish" for you? Or is it the perfect offset between feminine and relaxed? Me, I LOVE the boyfriend jean!! I think it gives your look personality! Pairing them with pumps really makes a bold statement! Here, paired with the single sole sandal (feat. in the first edition of "Fab Find" Friday's) gives this a bold but feminine look! "This Fab Find" is currently on sale for $35.44 reg. $59.07.
I also love me a cute skinny jean! These are wonderful for fall. No need to keep it boring with dark neutral colors just because it's fall. These skinny jeans are perfect for still giving that spring pop of color in fall! This "Fab Find" is also currently on sale for $27.89 reg. $47.25.

Hope you ladies liked today's "Fab Find's" featuring ASOS Curve! If you haven't already, check out their website of continuous, fabulous fashion for ALL sizes at:

Until next time...Thanks for checking out my Blog: TwithTally!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday's...."Faith is EVERYTHING"!!!!!

We all have our days when we feel we have the weight of the world on our shoulders and may feel it's impossible to keep going. People may say "oh, it's going to be okay, or it's not that bad" etc. Easier said right? But, it's actually true! I know at that particular time you may feel like they have no clue as to what you're going through and in actuality, they just may not & are just trying to give words of encouragement! But, it WILL be okay. After every storm there's a rainbow & every test gives us a testimony! So remember that, dig deep & keep going!!! Life is a journey. On journeys you'll have bumps and maybe even some detours but it's how that journey ends that makes the story! We've all heard success stories about people going through trying times but the most relevant part about their story is....even going through they NEVER gave up which is why they are where they are today! A great support team is very important but at the end of the day YOU have to be your biggest and #1 cheerleader! Tell yourself daily for whatever it is you want to accomplish..."I CAN do this & I WILL do this"! When you put positive energy receive positive outcomes! I said all this to say, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!! HAVE FAITH THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE & know that there's someone with less than you, smiling more than you which says a lot!! I recently watched a very touching video with my husband and thought I'd share with you! After watching this, I was even more thankful, faithful, emotional & my spirit wanted MORE OUT OF LIFE!! 

Please watch!

Hope this inspired you to go out and make your dreams a reality! Nothing happens overnight! Progress is a process!! Never give up, keep your faith & you will succeed!!!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spice It Up..."Hump Day" Edition!!!

In some relationships, especially relationships with longevity may experience a "stand still" so to speak when it comes to the spice. It may be because of the "same routine" or one or both partners have become "lack luster" and or too comfortable. Either way, you DO NOT want to loose that fire that was once their in the beginning. After all, that's one of the many things that kept you interested right? Well, if you've lost some spice or just entertaining new ways to keep the spice, this article is for you! By doing some or all of these're sure to keep your partner interested in you & attracted to you! 

Now sip this tea with caution honey, 'cause I'm serving it HOT!!! 


*Role Playing*...Role playing can be so many different things. You can verbally role play aka talking dirty! When it comes to spice you CAN NOT be boring! Talking dirty allows you to show a different side that may usually be "reserved". It will definitely help the mood and get both of you guys in the swing of things. Role playing can also be playing dress up which is always a win-win! Whether it's slipping into something your love likes to see you in or "special character outfits". We all know the naughty student and the teacher, the "girl next door" you'd never know came out to play or the infamous cops and robbers. Now who plays what role is up to you! Go to your local pleasure store and pic up a couple fits and do some role playing tonight! 

*Date Night*...You can have date night at home or away from home. If having date night at home you can do several things. Sometimes men need to know that you can have fun at home too and its not just about spending money! So, show him dating at home can be fun! One way is by cooking a favorite meal of his with a nice wine or champagne. After dinner, play a game like naked twister or dare no truth....just dare (wink)! Another fun game to play is "roll the dice to that position" (which can also be found at your local Pleasure stores). Whatever position the dice lands on, you HAVE to do it! No if, ands or buts! P.S. you may need to sign up to a Pilate's class after that game..ha ha! But, if you choose date night away from home, pick a nice romantic restaurant that's sure to set the mood. I.e....restaurants on the water, dimly lit restaurants etc. After all date night is about fun and romance!!

*Fun w/Glow in the dark Body Paint*...Whew!!! Now THIS is funners!!!!! It's all about painting a picture right? Hm....well paint your picture on your love and vice versa!!! Yes!!! You're sure to have a "body party" with this. Not only is it fun but its extra sexy in my opinion! The feel of your touch to his body and vice versa will heat it up for sure! Once your all painted up from him, he's probably going to give you that "now what" look! Well...the fun doesn't have to end there! Now is the time for you to throw in a dance for him. Put on some music you feel you can move your body to. While your body is dancing, so is his mind-TRUST me! All he'll see is the silhouette of your body with bright fun colors. Yes....I'm having flashbacks as I type-lol! My husband LOVED this! You can purchase glow in the dark paint just about anywhere. I purchased mine from Walmart. So, give it a try! Be creative, be sexy, be seductive!! Who said your canvas had to be paper! Like the legend Jay-Z says...Picasso baby!

*Leave Love Trails*...Love trails are super cute! The goal is to randomly place them strategically around the house where your love can find them! For example, In the morning you can leave a note on their clothes for that day or in the bathroom by essentials like his shaving materials etc. If he's a coffee or tea drinker, leave it on the coffee or tea pot. If he has to grab his lunch out the fridge leave it on the fridge or better yet....slip it inside his lunch so he'll find it at lunch time. You basically want to remind your love that you love them at the most random times!! So invest in some post-it notes and give it a go!!

*The Infamous Blind Fold*...So, of course when your eyes are covered you don't know what to expect, which is sooooooo much fun in the bedroom!! If you always know what to expect then your going back to the norm which is no fun at all!! Play the guessing game! You basically can use what you choose from ice, fruits, honey etc. With him blindfolded or vice versa, you have to guess the fruit from the feel no tasting ...yet! When playing with ice, honey your own Picasso again and seductively paint a picture on his body! Cold ice on a hot body will cause a good friction you wont regret! So, go out and get you a blind fold or a nice clean silk scarf. Please don't use your night scarf ladies-lol Just kidding...well no I'm not! :)

*Ambiance is EVERYTHING*...Last but definitely not least is your ambiance!! In my opinion ambiance says a lot. Just like your home, you want it clean, smelling good & inviting. Well, its no different when setting a romantic setting for your love! Candles especially scented candles not only smell great but are very sexy too!!! Also, adding music is a plus for the ambiance. Good tunes gives good vibes! Depending on the tunes, you either want to dance or make love! So light some candles, dim the lights, play some music & focus on nothing but the two of you!

Hope you guys enjoyed some of my views/tips on how to "spice it up"! Try them out if you haven't already & I'll be back with more soon!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Friday, August 16, 2013

"Fab Find" Friday's Featuring Tar-je'!

Fashion is so diverse! Whether you shop at Target or Saks you can definitely make a fashion statement these days. Being a plus size beauty, it's never been easier to grab "fab finds". Mainly, I think its's because fashion has really evolved & a lot of stores are starting to appreciate us plus size beauties & because of that obviously shopping has become much more fun! Me personally I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some Target or Tar-je' as some including myself say! If your budget is tight you can always find good, staple peices. Or, if your budget isnt so tight and you want to splurge a bit, either way Tar-je' is the place to be. They have really up'd the anti and below you will see exactly what I mean! Go ahead...look now!

Mossimo® Women's Plus-Size Long-Sleeve Lace Jacket - Black
This awesome & very versatile jacket can be paired with these ankle pants or with a skinny jean! You can grab this "fab find" for $32.99!

Mossimo® Women's Plus-Size Ankle Pants - Blue/Black

These ankle pants with a pop of color are perfect to pair with a nice blazer or blouse and you can grab this "fab find" for $29.99!

Women's Xhilaration® Susy Strappy Heel - Black
We all know the crayz lately over the single sole sandal. This baby can be worn with just about anything! Jeans, pants, dresses & more & for only $29.99 why not grab this "fab find"!

Hope you guys liked thie first feature of "Fab Finds" featuring Tar-je'!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!