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Friday, August 30, 2013

Did *Eggspectation* Meet My Expectation???

"Like It...Love It or Leave It"???

"Like It...Love It or Leave It" is simply MY review on products (new or old), restaurant's, beauty products, books etc. Just wanted to give you guys MY honest review on MY experience's. 

Up first in "Like It...Love It... or Leave It" features *Eggspectation Restaurant* in historic downtown Silver Spring, MD. First let me just say that downtown Silver Spring, MD is really a cultured, fun and popping atmosphere with many activities from live bands, all sorts of restaurants, movie theaters, shopping etc. If you're from the DMV area then you know exactly what I mean. If not, you should visit, the DMV is known for fun!!

This past wknd my family and I celebrated the "rock" of the family's b-day! My awesomely beautiful, wise, patient and oh so loving grandmother!!! There really aren't enough words to describe the beauty of this woman!! Having 82yrs of life's experience's under your belt is a blessing!! So, in celebrating we went to brunch at *Eggspectaion*! The restaurant itself was very roomy in size. Fit's a good amount of people with out feeling crowded! The look has a rustic but warm feel which I love. The staff were pleasant, courteous and professional. The service overall if rating on a 1-10 scale then honestly, my personal experience would be about a 7. Maybe it was our server (whom's name I will not publish). But, the order's came out wrong, had to send some plates back to be corrected. The wait for our food was about 25 mins. AFTER being seated!! Once everything was corrected and the food finally came out, the dishes were pretty good which I guess is what matters in the end. Would I go back.....I guess I would give it try again. I posted a pic of the dish I ordered which was pretty good. See below....

Eggspectaion Menu
Our classic dish: two any-style eggs, two
slices of brioche French toast with maple syrup,
a choice of ham, bacon, turkey bacon, sausage,
turkey sausage, or Canadian bacon and our
succulent Lyonnaise-style potatoes. $13.49

Did I Like It...Love It or Leave It is now the question!

My answer: I Liked It! However, my experience was just that MY experience! Go try them out if you haven't already and your experience may be different! 

Until our next Like It...Love It or Leave It...thanks as always for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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