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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Trip To Remember

As most do, I LOVE to travel! Whether it's a quick local trip or a getaway out of the states, either one is ALWAYS a win-win for me! 

My husband and I just celebrated his b-day on a beautiful 6 day - 5 night vacation. We took a Western Caribbean cruise on one of Carnival's brand new ships. The ports of call were: Nassau Bahamas, Grand Turks, and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This was actually our second time on this cruise but I will say this time was MUCH better because we normally get the ocean view room but this time we upgraded and got the balcony room. Why oh why did we do that- lol. I say that because, once getting a balcony room, there's no turning back! Nothing like being able to wake up and step out your bed to beautiful, pristine ocean views and breathtaking sunrise's or sunsets! 

Take a peek at some of our pics...

Balcony chillin' with my feet up

On our balcony enjoying the views

In Turks listening to the ocean waves

Guy Fieri burger's on the ship...SO GOOOOD :)

Basking and enjoying the serenity

 Spreading my wings - Life is what you make it!!

All you can eat...#YesGawd

B-day Boy - The Hubby:)

Living a little

Hands of magic reside here

Watched the sunrise on this day and captured God's glory

Just my baby - the man responsible for making my heart smile :)

Relaxing on our balcony watching the sunset! #LookAtGOD

Off to dinner

Hubby's b-day dinner! #LobsterForDays

Double Trouble - Double the fun!!

Outside the ship vs inside the ship 
Say cheese!

Perfect weather

Sushi at the Bon Sai Sushi restaurant on board

View of our magnificent ship

Last day of our trip, rented a car for a couple hrs in Miami:)

Hope you guys enjoyed our pics! We really enjoyed our vacation. The ship, the staff and the food...everything was amazing!!! If you've never cruised before, you should try it out. But, I recommend you research a little on the ship. We like to stay with the "newer or refurbished" ships, just because the decor is more modern. We've cruised with Carnival as well as Royal Caribbean and we enjoy both equally the same! 

As always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Hey Guys and Gals

Nothing special to say, just dropping in to wish everyone a beautiful day filled with NOTHING but positive vibes!! If anything else tries to come near your space....go the other way! Don't let petty things or people get in the way of your day :)! #ThatsAll

As always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!