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Friday, July 31, 2015

Girl Code Violations 101


Hey Ladies!!!!

This post is strictly for the ladies...hence the title: GIRL CODE VIOLATIONS 101!

I'm sure many of you may agree with these violations and some may not. Ladies as do men, have a certain code or creed we follow. You know, certain things that are absolutely NOT okay to say or do.

Check out my top 10 girl code violations listed below (not in any particular order).  

  • NEVER let your friends leave out the house looking crazy. If it doesn't compliment their shape, or the fit itself is just not "flattering" ...tell them! A real friend wants all her girls to look good.
  • NEVER let your friend drunk text/call anybody!!! The outcome is never good. Alcohol will have you seeing a whole different reality-lol
  • NEVER let a friend leave the club with any random guy. We should all know the rule by now: "if we come together, we leave together".
  • NEVER reveal your friends secret that she trusted you with. If she says, please keep this between us, or don't tell a soul- it's normally for good reason. Don't loose a good friend because you couldn't hold water!
  • NEVER change or become distant because of a man. If you were one to party or hang with your girls before the man...make time to party or hang with your girls after the man. There's nothing wrong with enjoying spending time with your man and your friends. It's called balance IF both are important to you!! Again, that's only IF you were doing these things before your relationship. 
  • NEVER date a friends ex. NEVER EVER!!! That's just messy (IMO)! It just seems weird to try and create a future with a part of a friends past.
  • NEVER discredit a friend when around a certain person/people. That's not a real friend! You know that so called friend that will only say or treat you a certain way when that certain someone isn't around. Or how about that friend that will text you "CONGRATS!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU" but wouldn't dare put that same comment on social media! This saying supports that notion: "Some people cant show you support publicly because of what's said about you privately"!! 
  • NEVER be afraid to tell a friend that her man is a scumbag. If you know your friends man is cheating TELL HER!! I emphasized on know because that's very important. You can't go to her with the- I think or it seem like or mayyyybe because that will definitely cause strain on your friendship. But if you have facts, she can only thank you in the long run. I say the long run because initially facts or not, she may feel like you're trying to sabotage her relationship especially if they aren't facts!! But if they are..who can deny a fact!
  • NEVER act like a friend to get in the circle!!! Betrayal on anyone is a big NO-NO!!! If you have to pretend to be a friend just to get to the next....says a lot on your character!! 
                                       ---LAST BUT NOT LEAST---
  • NEVER envy or become jealous of your friends success. Just because you aren't at the place of success you'd like to be at has NOTHING to do with your friends. You know the saying: we all have the same 24hrs? Whelp, it's true!! Get up, get out there and make it happen! Now, sometimes it's not just about the hrs in the day and what you've done with them. You could be doing all she's doing, maybe more but could still be stagnant in that area of success. If that's the case, don't give up! This could be a test on your diligence!! Your job is to keep pushing and understand that success is a season and when it's supposed to happen....IT WILL!

That concludes my list of top 10 girl code violations!! If you have one that I didn't mention, let me know! 

As always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TWithTally!