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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top 10 Health Benefits of Kale

Kale greens are my absolute fav type of green! I can eat them cooked down with smoked turkey, I can eat them sauteed with garlic and I also love making kale chips.

Kale is not only mmm-mmm good, but very healthy for you too! If you weren't aware of the benefits of kale, check them out below!

  1. Kale is low in calorie, high in fiber and has zero fat. One cup of kale has only 36 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 0 grams of fat. It is great for aiding in digestion and elimination with its great fiber content. It’s also filled with so many nutrients, vitamins, folate and magnesium as well as those listed below.
  2. Kale is high in iron. Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef. Iron is essential for good health, such as the formation of hemoglobin and enzymes, transporting oxygen to various parts of the body, cell growth, proper liver function and more.
  3. Kale is high in Vitamin K. Eating a diet high in Vitamin K can help protect against various cancers. It is also necessary for a wide variety of bodily functions including normal bone health and the prevention of blood clotting. Also increased levels of vitamin K can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Kale is filled with powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants, such as carotenoids and flavonoids help protect against various cancers.
  5. Kale is a great anti-inflammatory food. One cup of kale is filled with 10% of the RDA of omega-3 fatty acids, which help, fight against arthritis, asthma and autoimmune disorders.
  6. Kale is great for cardiovascular support. Eating more kale can help lower cholesterol levels.
  7. Kale is high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is great for your vision, your skin as well as helping to prevent lung and oral cavity cancers.
  8. Kale is high in Vitamin C. This is very helpful for your immune system, your metabolism and your hydration.
  9. Kale is high in calcium. Per calorie, kale has more calcium than milk, which aids in preventing bone loss, preventing osteoporosis and maintaining a healthy metabolism. Vitamin C is also helpful to maintain cartilage and joint flexibility.
  10. Kale is a great detox food. Kale is filled with fiber and sulfur, both great for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy.

Hope you guys found this info to be informative! As I said, I LOVE kale and will eat more of it just because of the benefits! It helps to know that something is not only yummy but also great for you!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle".
-Christian D. Larson

This 'QOTD' to me is self explanatory!

I often always talk about how believing in YOU and investing in YOU is so important! You have to know that you are strong enough to overcome, to prosper, to achieve, to succeed, to just simply be greater in all that you do. We all have that inner spirit that talks to our self conscious about our life's journey so to speak, how we want more/better and/or ideas on how to achieve more/better. When that happens often times people will shut down or question those thoughts/feelings which will then place a doubt in your mind making you feel as though you aren't able to concur these things. 

Understand that each and every one of us are built uniquely in our own skin for a reason. To me, that reason is to shine in YOUR OWN light. Bring to life those things you want to achieve, stop doubting your strengths and capabilities. Put your good foot forward and GO. Remember...there's no failing in trying! 

Until next time and as always... Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Artist Ciara Soon To Join The Four Finger Club!

CONGRATS to the happy couple Ciara and Future!!

Singer Ciara got the surprise of a lifetime when her boo thang Future (real name: Nayvadius D. Wilburn) proposed over the weekend in NYC while celebrating her 28th birthday!  

This will be the first marriage for both Ciara and Future. The couple began dating a year ago and appeared to be very much in love with matching tattoos of each others initials on their ring fingers. Guess we should've seen this one coming huh? 

The 28-year-old singer shared a photo of her gorgeous new bling with US Weekly today. See below:

The stunning Avianne & Co. ring, sitting on top of a red rose in the photo, features a large center emerald cut diamond, two slightly smaller side diamonds as well as diamonds on the band.

On Sunday, Ciara tweeted "Today has 2 be like one of the sweetest days of my life! #BestBirthdayEver"

I'm a big fan of both Ciara as well as her fiance Future. They both seem to be genuinely happy! 

Until next time and as always... Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Knee-High Fashion...A Fall MUST Have!!

Don't let Fall pass you by without picking up a FAB Knee-High!!

It's FAB-Find Friday's and I love a FAB Knee-High boot!!! You can be very versatile with the knee-high style boots. As shown above paired with some faux leather shorts, you could also pair them up with a cute skinny jean, a nice fitted dress and/or an over sized t-shirt style dress & skirts. 

Take a look at these FAB Find over the Knee boots from

*Kanya* $59.95

*Kimia* $49.95

*Diana* $44.95

*Shonta* $69.95

*Sylvia* $69.95

*Shawanda* $79.95

*Jahmesia* (sale) $42.95 (reg) $49.95

Hope you guys not only enjoyed this FAB-Find Friday but also saw something you liked! If so, head over to to add to your collection of FABness! As always, I've listed the name for each shoe under the pic just in case you have an interest in more info such as other colors and availability! 

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Quote Of The Day (QOTD)!

"Never Allow Yourself To Reach The Realms Of Ignorance or Irrelevance"!!! 

What does this mean to you and/or what comes to mind when you read this? Everyone can have their own different perception of course. One's opinion is not right nor wrong, it's simply how you view it! Your view just may enlighten me to see it another way. 

What that quote says to me is:

No matter the situation, stay grounded in what matters! Everyone will not agree with me, everyone will not like me or the way I look, my thoughts, my beliefs etc., and they absolutely don't have to. Sometimes people will have a negative comment toward something all because they disagree or because they just want to be negative. You have to remember that's just their opinion, not a fact. Yes, we are all human and we have a heart which means we may be emotionally affected by it. But, by you entertaining the negativity not only are you stooping to their level of ignorance but you are also giving energy to irrelevance! 

Keep doing you! Keep it cute and keep it moving!!! 

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vagazzling = Vagina Bling!!

Have you "Vagazzled" yet?

In case you're wondering, Vagazzling is just a fancy word for Vagina Bling! Yup, you read it right...bling for your "lady part"! This is the latest buzz/trend that a lot of women are trying out for their special someone or themselves even. 

How it works:
The service is performed by a trained/licensed esthetician who decorates your "lady part" with stick on Swarovski crystals into whatever shape you like such as butterflies, hearts a name etc., you say it they'll do it! The cost for the procedure is about $50 depending on the spa of course! Now, a lot of people are probably thinking... "Why would I pay $50 for some crystals to be stuck on me"? Well, it's totally up to you and your preference! To me, it's just another fun way to add some spice and let's not forget the element of suprise for your special someone! According to, this has become a very popular procedure especially for special occasions such as valentines day, birthdays, weddings- for the bride to be, anniversaries, trips to the beach for that cute 2 piece or simply just because! 

What to expect at the spa:
Once there, you will be taken into a private room of course. If you need a Brazilian, that will be done first (the swarovski crystals can only be applied to freshly bare or shaved skin). If you've never had a Brazilian wax before, it consists of removing all hair from the roots using wax. Hair is removed from the front, back and everything in between of your vagina. This procedure does hurt a bit for a first timer, but it exfoliates the skin leaving it clean and hairless, ensuring a long lasting result which is about 3 weeks to 1 month of no hair.  OK, back to the procedure--Next, they will prepare the pubic area by cleaning it with alcohol, Second they will dry the skin, Third They will prepare the Swarovski Crystals in the shape desired, then peel the crystals off. Lastly, they will place them against your skin and press firmly for 30 seconds. Your vajazzle pattern should last at least a week. It's recommended to try and not wear tight fitted pants, the friction will rub the crystals off. Now your "lady part" is ready for its big day. 

If interested in seeing a quick sample demonstration check out the video below:

If having problems viewing this video- hit this link:

So, will you be getting Vagazzled? Check your local area to see who does the Vagazzling if interested in blinging out your "lady part"! 

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kanye & Kim K. AKA "Kimye" To Be Husband & Wife!!!!

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

Kim Kardashian is officially off the market ... again:)!! Kanye West pulled off a huge birthday surprise by renting out an entire baseball stadium and asking Kim to marry him Monday evening. What a birthday right?

If you know anything about Kanye West aka Yeezy or Ye, then you know that Kanye went super-baller for the proposal. Internet reports are stating that Kanye flew Kim to San Francisco, blindfolded her, and whisked her off to AT&T Park, home of the Giants for this special proposal. Of course Ye secured the ballpark for the event having only family and close friends in attendance.

Kanye had a full 50-piece orchestra playing Lana Del Rey's  "Young and Beautiful," followed by Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo and Kanye's "Knock You Down", Ffireworks and roman candles exploding into the night sky, and once the birthday girl said yes her friends and family ran out to the field from the dugout, adding yet another element of surprise. How cute is that????? 

BTW, In case you're interested, it costs $35K to rent out the field. I'm guessing he can afford it-lol

Though Kanye went all out, above and beyond with his proposal, he did go traditional for one part ... He got down on one knee in the middle of the field and popped the question with a 15 CARAT DIAMOND RING!!! (well the 15ct. wasn't the traditional part-lol)!!

The engagement comes 4 months after Kim and Kanye's daughter North aka Nori was born,  and 18 months after they went public as a couple.

Monday was Kim's 33rd birthday. This will be her third shot at "til death do us part," and Kanye's first.

Kim the night of her engagement rocking "Valentino" and oh yeah that 15 carat ring!

When Kim was asked how she feels to be engaged, she replied "Last night was truly magical!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world! I get to marry my best friend!"

I know a lot of people aren't really "Kimye" supporters. Me however I like the both of them and wish them nothing but happiness on their journey!

       Until Next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog:                                                            TwithTally!

Shoe Lovers Did You Hear?? SHOEMINT'S Shoe Sale Is Here!!!

Don't we all love shoe sales????

As we know, fall has approached which means that normally around this time of year, you'll start to see allot of companies having "end of summer sales" to get those last pair of shoes out of their stock at good prices!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on this fabulous shoe sale is currently running! As shown above they have 30 pairs of shoes each priced at $30! Cant beat at least checking it out right? The only glitch in this sale is that it ends TONIGHT:(! Apparently this was a 3 day promotion that I just got wind of! Sucks I know! But there's no promotion code needed, just head over to and check them out!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Monday, October 21, 2013

21 Tips to Release Self-Neglect & How to Love Yourself in Action!!

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

The most important decision of your life, the one that will effect every other decision you make, is the commitment to love and accept yourself. It directly affects the quality of your relationships, your work, your free time, your faith, and your future.
Why then is this so difficult to do? It could be a number of things from your family of Origin, Cultural Influences and or your self-perception etc! Whatever the case may be, we all need to learn to love our self's more! if you or someone you know needs to release "Self-Neglect" and Love Yourself more then take a look at these 21 tips from

1. Begin your day with love (not technology). Remind yourself of your worthiness before getting out of bed. Breathe in love and breathe out love. Enfold yourself in light. Saturate your being in love with YOU.
2. Take time to mediate and journal. Spend time focusing inward daily. Begin with 5 minutes of mediatation and 5 minutes of journaling each morning. Gradually increase this time.
3. Talk yourself happy. Use affirmations to train your mind to become more positive. Put a wrist band on your right wrist. When you’re participating in self-abuse of any form, move the band to your left wrist.
4. Get emotionally honest. Let of go of numbing your feelings. Shopping, eating, and drinking are examples of avoiding discomfort, sadness, and pain. Mindfully breathe your way through your feelings and emotions.
5. Expand your interests. Try something new. Learn a language. Go places you’ve never been. Do things you haven’t done before. You have a right to an awesome life.
6. Enjoy life enhancing activities. Find exercise you like. Discover healthy foods that are good for you. Turn off technology for a day and spend time doing things that make you feel alive.
7. Become willing to surrender. Breathe, relax, and let go. You can never see the whole picture. You don’t know what anything is for. Stop fighting against yourself by thinking and desiring people and events in your life should be different. Your plan may be different from your soul’s intentions.
8. Work on personal and spiritual development. Be willing to surrender and grow. Life is a journey. We are here to learn and love on a deeper level. Take penguin steps and life becomes difficult. One step at a time is enough to proceed forward.
9. Own your potential. Love yourself enough to believe in the limitless opportunities available to you. Take action and create a beautiful life for yourself.
10. Be patient with yourself. Let go of urgency and fear. Relax and transform striving into thriving. Trust in yourself, do good work, and the Universe will reward you.
11. Live in appreciation. Train your mind to be grateful. Appreciate your talents, beauty, and brilliance. Love your imperfectly perfect self.
12. Be guided by your intuition. All answers come from within. Look for signs and pay attention to your gut feelings. You’ll hear two inner voices when you need to make a decision. The quiet voice is your higher self; the loud voice is your ego. Always go with the quieter voice.
13. Do what honors and respects you. Don’t participate in activities that bring you down. Don’t allow toxic people in your life. Love everyone, but be discerning on who you allow into your life.
14. Accept uncertainty. Suffering comes from living in the pain of the past or the fear of the future. Put your attention on the present moment and be at peace.
15. Forgive yourself. Learn from your mistakes and go forward. Use this affirmation, “I forgive myself for judging myself for __________ (fill in the blank i.e.: for getting sick, for acting out, for not doing your best.)
16. Discover the power of fun. Self-love requires time to relax, play, and create face-to-face interaction with others. Our fast-paced world creates a goal setting, competitive craziness that doesn’t leave room for play. Dr. Stuart Brow says, “The opposite of play isn’t work, it is depression.”
17. Be real. Speak up and speak out. Allow yourself to be seen, known, and heard. Get comfortable with intimacy (in-to-me-see).
18. Focus on the positive. Go to your heart and dwell on and praise yourself for what you get right in all areas.
19. Become aware of self neglect and rejection. Become conscious of your choices. Ask yourself several times throughout the day, “Does this choice honor me?”
20. Imagine what your life would look like if you believed in your worth. Dedicate your life to loving you. Make it your main event.
21. Seek professional help. Self-rejection and neglect is painful. You deserve to be happy. You have a right to be accepted and loved. If necessary, seek help from a support group, counselor, or coach. It’s the best investment you can make.

(My 2 cents) I personally thought the above tips were really great advice. So much that I think I'll apply a couple to my daily routine! I've always embraced ME! No matter my size, what I did or didn't have and regardless of what others may think! Not cocky just confident! I just feel that how you see yourself and how you treat yourself is how others will see and treat you as well!! Releasing "Self-Neglect" and Focusing on "Self-Love" is VERY important! Stop putting yourself down and start lifting yourself up! Give yourself compliments, don't wait for them! Love yourself with JOY! It's so worth it!!

           Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my                                                              blog: TwithTally!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Girls Love Bags!!!

First off let me start by saying T.G.I.F!!!!! Woo-Hoo!! We've survived another week!! I'm sure you're ready to enjoy the wknd (I know I am) BUT before you do that, we can't forget about FAB Find Friday's! :)

As the title reads "Girls LOVE Bags"! This post will be FAB Finds feat. ALDO! ALDO normally has some cute pieces from shoes, handbags, & accessories. Yesterday, I did a quick mall run and I stopped in ALDO. While I didn't see any shoes I liked, I did see some really cute and affordable or as we say "FAB Find" handbags!

What girly-girl doesn't LOVE a cute handbag??? When you find one, let me know! There's so many styles to choose from. From Hobo's, Shoulder bags/Totes, Cross body bags/Messenger bags and Clutches/Evening bags... there's one for every occasion!!

Take a look at the "FAB Find" handbags I loved from Aldo!

"Helondricks" $55.00

"Wisecarver" $50.00

"Ullum" $60.00

"Cyd" $25.00

"Bahamonde" $20.00

"Bergeron" $29.98 (sale price) Reg. $40.00

"Flussio" $29.98 (sale price) Reg. $45.00

"Duboise" $40.00

Hope you guys liked my choices of "FAB Find" handbags featuring ALDO! 

Of course these bags as most do come in a variation of colors, so if you like one of the above bags but not the particular color I chose, head over to and check them out for yourself! I've listed the name of each bag under the pic if interested!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

11 Weird Celebrity Beauty Secrets!!!

We all have our beauty secrets and/or beauty routines that we like! I've shared a lot of tips in past post on health & beauty but thought this one was quite interesting to say the least! When researching new beauty tips for myself and also to share with you guys, I came across this interesting article via:

As the title reads: 11 Weird Celebrity Beauty Secrets- 
Check out these weird tips some celebrity's say they use and how it helps them out!!

1. Miranda Kerr uses lip balm as a shimmery highlighter around her eyes
EXPERT OPINION: Try it! "This will work, just stick to a natural product. A lip gloss will clog your pores and will also be pretty sticky," says New York based makeup artist Stefanie Syat. Dab some plain lip balm on the inner corners of your eyes. 

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones keeps her hair looking hot by dousing it in beer
EXPERT OPINION: Try it! "The alcohol removes any buildup that sits on the surface of the hair," says Amy Mrkurnic, a senior colorist at Oscar Blondi salon in New York. After you shampoo, towel dry, then massage a cupful or so of beer into your strands. Cover with plastic wrap for five minutes, then rinse. Any kind of brew is okay, so skip the pricey craft options and use up those mystery cans in the back of your fridge. 

3. Snooki swears by kitty litter to exfoliate
EXPERT OPINION: Skip it. The clumpy texture of the litter may remind you of a mud mask, but the clay particles are far larger than what you'd find in a substance formulated for skin. "These particles can cause micro scratches, which can lead to inflammation and blotchiness," explains Lezandra Berchik, an esthetician at Bliss Spa Los Angeles.

Not only that, but the moisture-sucking properties of the kitty litter—courtesy of the mineral silica—will have the same effect on your skin, leading to dehydration. As if that weren't enough to deter you, keep in mind that the "fresh scent" designed to mask any odors isn't exactly an aphrodisiac.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Plain baking soda, either mixed with water or your favorite cleanser, will help clean out pores without any of the irritation.

4. Denise Richards puts avocado on her hair for deep conditioning results
EXPERT OPINION: Try it! "I do this one myself," says Mrkurnic. "To make it even more effective, combine the avocado with one tablespoon of olive oil." Slather onto your strands, but avoid the scalp itself—that'll make your hair look overly oily.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt calms zits with toothpaste
EXPERT OPINION: Skip it. "We hear this 'trick' all the time, but it doesn't work. In fact, it can make a blemish worse," says Berchik. So why do people still try it? "Abrasives in the toothpaste, like calcium carbonate, will dry the blemish so it looks better. But it does nothing to rid it of bacteria, and the detergents and flavoring in the formula will irritate your skin."

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Stick to the tried-and-true treatments, says Berchik. "A product needs to contain either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to properly treat the blemish."

6. Lady Gaga uses tape to remove eye makeup
EXPERT OPINION: Try it—with caution. "Glitter can be especially hard to remove, so tape does the trick," says Syat. "Fabric tape will be the most gentle on your skin." But if your skin is super sensitive or prone to redness, avoid this option and stick with makeup remover.

7. Sienna Miller fixes hair color flaws with ketchup

EXPERT OPINION: Skip. When she accidentally used henna—a vibrant, all natural dye—on her blond strands, Miller said the only thing that got rid of the color was soaking her hair in ketchup, but colorists question this at-home remedy. "Henna is a stain, so it's not going away easily," says Mrkurnic. "I've never heard of this one."

TRY THIS INSTEAD: A color correction is best done in the salon, but if you're in a pinch and need the color out, stat, Mrkurnic recommends combining 90% rubbing alcohol with mineral oil. "Make a three to one ratio of the alcohol with the mineral oil, mix together, and massage through your hair. Then, wrap your hair in plastic and apply heat for 10 minutes to fade any color."


8. Lisa Rinna uses cinnamon oil for a plumped-up pout
EXPERT OPINION: Try it—with caution. "Adding a few drops of cinnamon oil to a lip gloss will give some added oomph," says Patrice Evangeline, a New York City based makeup artist. But the trick won't make your lips puff up to Angeline Jolie proportions, and makeup artists warn to spot check the oil against a patch of skin first to make sure you don't have any adverse effect.

9. Teri Hatcher adds red wine to the bath to soften her skin
EXPERT OPINION: Skip it. "Red wine in the tub could work because wine contains tartaric acid, an alpha hydroxyl agent that can exfoliate," says Berchik. But don't raise a glass yet. Berchik warns that it would take a few bottles to notice an effect and the wine could irritate any minor scratches on the skin.

10. Miranda Kerr uses a spoon instead of an eyelash curler for a wide-eyed look
EXPERT OPINION: Try it! "For best results, run the spoon under hot water or give it a quick blast of the blow dryer," suggests Evangeline. "With the bowl-part facing upward, use your thumb to hold your lashes against the curve and turn upward."

11. January Jones bounced back from pregnancy partially because she took supplements made from her own placenta
EXPERT OPINION: Skip it. "There have been no scientifically demonstrated benefits of placenta ingestion for humans," says Mark Kristal, PH.D., professor of psychology at the University of Buffalo, whose research has focused on placenta ingestion. So why do so many new moms insist that it has healing powers? "Placenta ingestion has been shown to benefit nonhuman mammals," explains Kristal. "But the fact that no human cultures, past or present, routinely engage in this practice suggest that evolutionary-wise, there may have been something detrimental to ingesting placenta." 

Now, out of the 11 tips I think 3 were really "weird" for me anyway. What 3 do you think I'm referencing? If you thought #3, #6 and #7 then you were absolutely right! With #3 coming in at #1 for the weirdest! I've NEVER heard of someone using or even thinking of using cat litter to exfoliate! Have you? Is it just me? I know I've said "don't knock it til you try it" but don't think I'll be able to add that one to the list! If you try it or any of these weird beauty tips, come back and let me know!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vacation Recap!!!

OK guys, feels like I've been gone FOREVER! I really missed blogging :( , but while on vacation we (my husband and I) always make a vow to NOT indulge in social media, telephone calls, text messages etc. (unless it's an emergency of course) and to just focus on us! Which I think is a really good idea because you have those things on a normal day which can and will get addictive and distract you from your focal point!

We chose to end our summer off with a BEAUTIFUL 7day/6night Western Caribbean cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines. We LOVE cruises!! A lot of people think they're just for seniors but I totally disagree! There's always lots of young people along with us having a good time! 

On this cruise we flew into Miami, Fl where the boat departed. The ports of call we traveled to were Grand Turks, Turks and Cacos, Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Nassau Bahamas and oh what a beautiful trip it was!!!! I think this was one of the best yet! It was perfect weather everywhere, the food on board was excellent as always and not to mention FREE!!! I've included some pics below or shall I say I went pic overboard-lol! Just wanted to share with you guys what we experienced while away! 

Take a look....


Me chillin in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Cant find a payphone in DC!

The Fashion District in Nassau!!

Nassau Bahamas pretty seashells!

Bushman Bob in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Had to capture this one! 

Our ship-The Carnival Breeze!

Over proof Jamaican Rum- Wray & Nephew!

Our tour guide "The Original"!

Beautiful Island of Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Just ya girl-me In Turks!

Just lovely! 

Chillin- Boat Life!

Passports- a MUST have!

Pure Beauty!

Gorgeous Miami Fl!

National Symbols in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Backyard beach for the locals of Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

House of Legends!! The late great Peter Tosh and Bob Marley along with The rolling Stones called this place home!!

Roasting in the Jamaica sun!

Bonsai Sushi! 1st meal on board!

After dinner on the cruise!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics I've shared! I had an awesome time with my husband and I'm already looking forward to our next vacation-lol!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!