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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vacation Recap!!!

OK guys, feels like I've been gone FOREVER! I really missed blogging :( , but while on vacation we (my husband and I) always make a vow to NOT indulge in social media, telephone calls, text messages etc. (unless it's an emergency of course) and to just focus on us! Which I think is a really good idea because you have those things on a normal day which can and will get addictive and distract you from your focal point!

We chose to end our summer off with a BEAUTIFUL 7day/6night Western Caribbean cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines. We LOVE cruises!! A lot of people think they're just for seniors but I totally disagree! There's always lots of young people along with us having a good time! 

On this cruise we flew into Miami, Fl where the boat departed. The ports of call we traveled to were Grand Turks, Turks and Cacos, Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Nassau Bahamas and oh what a beautiful trip it was!!!! I think this was one of the best yet! It was perfect weather everywhere, the food on board was excellent as always and not to mention FREE!!! I've included some pics below or shall I say I went pic overboard-lol! Just wanted to share with you guys what we experienced while away! 

Take a look....


Me chillin in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Cant find a payphone in DC!

The Fashion District in Nassau!!

Nassau Bahamas pretty seashells!

Bushman Bob in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Had to capture this one! 

Our ship-The Carnival Breeze!

Over proof Jamaican Rum- Wray & Nephew!

Our tour guide "The Original"!

Beautiful Island of Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Just ya girl-me In Turks!

Just lovely! 

Chillin- Boat Life!

Passports- a MUST have!

Pure Beauty!

Gorgeous Miami Fl!

National Symbols in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Backyard beach for the locals of Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

House of Legends!! The late great Peter Tosh and Bob Marley along with The rolling Stones called this place home!!

Roasting in the Jamaica sun!

Bonsai Sushi! 1st meal on board!

After dinner on the cruise!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics I've shared! I had an awesome time with my husband and I'm already looking forward to our next vacation-lol!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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