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Thursday, January 25, 2018

2017 Caribbean Cruise Vacation Re-cap

Yup! You read it right... 2017 vacation recap!! I'm so sorry guys. I've been meaning to post these pictures from LAST YEAR!!! Again, I'm sorry- but LIFE happens. I'll be doing better with my post as allot has cleared my plate which allows more time to focus on my baby... MY BLOG!

Hubby and I went on another Caribbean cruise for my b-day April of 2017. Doesn't matter to me if we vacation local, or international...vacation is vacation and it's definitely what you make it! 

So, the BIG question is as the tag says: Did I like it, love it or leave it?? What do you think? I'm not gonna run a muck off at the mouth being as though this post is already a whole year late! So here goes...

On the plane taking off... getting in VACA mode.

Once on the boat, we wasted no time! Straight to MARGARITAVILLE for a drink.

And as's number one.

On to number 2....

Yup! Let's just say we spent a nice time at Margaritaville! The servers knew us.

"Fried Conch Fritters" were DE-LICOUS!!
Guess we should put some food on our stomach with all the drinking huh?

Roatan, Honduras- One of the BEAUTIFUL Islands visited on the cruise

Margarita Bar??... say NO MORE!

Cool street bar with more than affordable cocktails.

So of course we stopped and had a few....

Not sure if we had the look of "YES! FEED US MORE LIQUOR" because we
never had to ask for another one. They literally keep them coming!

Hubby and I enjoying another round of drinks.

Port of Honduras selfie :)

This drink was called "tequila sunrise' and it was EXCELLENT!

Cant beat it! And no, they weren't watered down AT ALL!

More options....

Breakfast of a champ.

Couldn't skip the fruit!

Cute rock climbing wall on the boat.

Walking around the boat I saw & Loved this design on the pillar.

Bring that coin, you may hit BIG (IF you're into gambling)!
Slot machines all throughout the casino.

Activity side of boat- small 2 lane bowling.

More on the activity side- 

Basketball hooping game on activity side.

O'Sheehan's Pub menu. Really good food with daily specials.

O'Sheehan's menu extended.

O'Sheehan's- Honey Teriyaki wings and spinach dip with tortilla chips!
So freakin good. O'Sheehan's is apart of the INCLUDED meals, so no extra cost.

More from O'Sheehan's- Blue Cheese burger!
THIS burger.....LAWD talk about juicy, flavorful and filling!

O'Sheehan's Welcome Sign.

O'Sheehan's seafood basket- fried calamari, fried shrimp, fried scallops and french fries.

Arriving in Costa Maya, Mexico! Had to stop and get a good selfie in :)

I love nature and SOME animals lol. Flamingos happen to be one of them.

Y'all already know!!! 

On the trolley taking us from the boat to land in Costa Maya, Mexico.

This was ALL Hubby!!! I will NOT and can NOT drink tequila with the worm!
(see it at the bottom) NOPE...not doing it!

Costa Maya, Mexico waiting to feed the dolphins.

Talk about EXCITED!!!! I LOVE flamingos. They're so pretty to me!

Back on board, hubby wanted some sushi.

So sushi we got :)

I think Mi so soup is delicious!!!! Especially on a cold day.

Terriyaki prawns...

Ocean Blue treated us GREAT! From the service to the food!

See.... they did a GREAT job. Not to mention Hubby is the BEST! 

*Toast*- Pour it up, pour it up!

B-day girl-B-day night!! So much fun!

One of thee best veggies invented- lol

Alaskan Crab legs...

Fried prawns. Yummy!

Sea bass with a bunch of goodness-lol

REALLY soft and buttery bread.

LOVED the fried calamari!!

And lastly... Our vessel aka cruise ship! Norwegian is a BEAUTIFUL upscale cruise line and we will definitely be cruising again with Norwegian!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the many LATE pics lol. If you have any questions on cruising, hit me up. If you've never cruised, give it a try!! I think the cool thing about cruises is you get to visit different places while on one vacation. I look at it like getting a sample taste off of the menu to see if you'd like to order on your next visit. So, if I like a certain island and only had a few hours to visit, I'd add that to my list of places to visit!

Needless to say.. I LOVED this vacation and looking for to our next!

As always... Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!