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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Weekend Happy

Hey all my "Weekend Lovers"!!! I think I say way to often how I LOOOOOOVE, LOVE, LOVE the weekends- lol!! Whether I have plans to hang out at a friends, do some shopping, or just simply chillin'! The weekend is my time to do WHATEVER I please in WHATEVER order I choose... talk about adulting huh :) 

Anyways... no more blabbering! Hubby and I had some errands to run along with a little fun in the sun so of course I had to flick it up a few times! 

Take a look at how I paired this cute n comfy fit!

Top: Fashion To Figure
Jean Shorts: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: 6pm

If you guys love the weekend as much as I do, then you can agree that there's nothing more fun than getting up, getting cute and getting out to enjoy! (after you clean your house of course- cant be cute with a filthy house- right?!!) Jokes but serious... lol

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