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Friday, October 18, 2013

Girls Love Bags!!!

First off let me start by saying T.G.I.F!!!!! Woo-Hoo!! We've survived another week!! I'm sure you're ready to enjoy the wknd (I know I am) BUT before you do that, we can't forget about FAB Find Friday's! :)

As the title reads "Girls LOVE Bags"! This post will be FAB Finds feat. ALDO! ALDO normally has some cute pieces from shoes, handbags, & accessories. Yesterday, I did a quick mall run and I stopped in ALDO. While I didn't see any shoes I liked, I did see some really cute and affordable or as we say "FAB Find" handbags!

What girly-girl doesn't LOVE a cute handbag??? When you find one, let me know! There's so many styles to choose from. From Hobo's, Shoulder bags/Totes, Cross body bags/Messenger bags and Clutches/Evening bags... there's one for every occasion!!

Take a look at the "FAB Find" handbags I loved from Aldo!

"Helondricks" $55.00

"Wisecarver" $50.00

"Ullum" $60.00

"Cyd" $25.00

"Bahamonde" $20.00

"Bergeron" $29.98 (sale price) Reg. $40.00

"Flussio" $29.98 (sale price) Reg. $45.00

"Duboise" $40.00

Hope you guys liked my choices of "FAB Find" handbags featuring ALDO! 

Of course these bags as most do come in a variation of colors, so if you like one of the above bags but not the particular color I chose, head over to and check them out for yourself! I've listed the name of each bag under the pic if interested!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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