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Friday, August 23, 2013

"Fab Find" Friday's Featuring ASOS Curve (For my Plus size Beauties)!

This edition of "Fab Find" Friday's featuring ASOS Curve is strictly for my curvy ladies! ASOS is a fashion website that I personally can stay on ALL DAY LONG!! They have so much to offer. Like many other sites, they offer stylish & trendy fashion for ALL sizes at reasonable prices. As you know, "Fab Find" Friday's is all about "Fab Finds" for less! I believe in & live by the saying..."more bargain for your buck", so I thought "Fab Find" Friday's would be perfect!

The features below are cute & simple! From "cut out" tops you can pair pretty versatile with jeans, skirts, & pants etc. To the two best selling style jeans....the boyfriend jean vs. the skinny jean. I love a piece that can do more than one look aka your "staple pieces"! With fall approaching you can still show a little skin & cant go wrong with these cold shoulder style tops. When choosing your jean, either way you'll be winning! The boyfriend jean gives a more bold/feminine statement and the skinny jean gives a sexy/feminine statement. 

Check out these trendy items from ASOS Curve!

I absolutely LOVE this sweatshirt feat. the zip cold shoulder! OMG! Different, comfy & cute! Cant go wrong! You can grab this "Fab Find" for $54.00.

We love peplum right? Well, I know I do! This peplum top feat. the cut out cold shoulder is very versatile! Pair it with skinny jeans, a skirt, or pants! Grab this "Fab Find" for $37.13.

Do you ladies prefer the skinny jean over the boyfriend jean? Is the boyfriend jean too bulky and "boyish" for you? Or is it the perfect offset between feminine and relaxed? Me, I LOVE the boyfriend jean!! I think it gives your look personality! Pairing them with pumps really makes a bold statement! Here, paired with the single sole sandal (feat. in the first edition of "Fab Find" Friday's) gives this a bold but feminine look! "This Fab Find" is currently on sale for $35.44 reg. $59.07.
I also love me a cute skinny jean! These are wonderful for fall. No need to keep it boring with dark neutral colors just because it's fall. These skinny jeans are perfect for still giving that spring pop of color in fall! This "Fab Find" is also currently on sale for $27.89 reg. $47.25.

Hope you ladies liked today's "Fab Find's" featuring ASOS Curve! If you haven't already, check out their website of continuous, fabulous fashion for ALL sizes at:

Until next time...Thanks for checking out my Blog: TwithTally!

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