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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spice It Up..."Hump Day" Part 2!

It's that time again guys....Spice it Up "Hump Day" talk!!!

"Spice it Up" edition is simply my tips and or advice on how to spice up your relationship. As the title states this is actually part 2 of Spice it up. So if you haven't checked out the first post, scroll down & do so now!! You don't want to miss out on any tips that may be able to help you or someone you know!

As I warned you in the first post...sip this tea slow because it's coming to you HOT!! 

So, let's jump right into it!

*Fun with baby oil*...As I sit and type this, I think I should have entitled this one "hot n messy" and you'll read why! First off, playing around with oils can be so much fun AND adds some heat to your situation! To get "hot n messy" you're going to need two items! 1) baby oil and 2) a shower curtain liner! Yes, you read it right a shower curtain liner-lol! Now, when incorporating oils into your fun it can get pretty messy! That's where the shower liner comes into play! It's basic fun. You first lay out the shower liner onto your bed or floor. Then massage the oil all over each other and don't be stingy the more oil the better! Once both of you are all oiled up it'll be like the game slip n slide (remember that or am I telling my age) lol! Talk about lots of fun! Try it! Go out and grab you some baby oil & a shower liner & have some fun! Oh....of course don't forget to set the ambiance by dimming your lights & lighting some candles!

*Roses as your lingerie*...Okay! Photo shoot time! But, this is not what you think, the norm roses spread all around. Nah...this is a bit sexier! We all love the element of surprise right? Well, you'll be sure to surprise your love with this one! For this particular photo shoot you'll need four items! 1) a bottle of baby oil gel, not oil make sure it's the gel! 2) a jar of honey, 3) your rose petals and last but not least a camera of course (whether it be a cannon or your cell phone)!! After you've got all pretty with hair and makeup it's time to get sexxxxy :)! Put on your baby oil gel and be sure to apply a generous amount. The goal is to have your skin soft and glowing! Now, grab your jar of honey & dab a small amount wherever you want to place the roses on your body! For example...on the nipple area of your breast, along your sides, down your stomach etc. Get creative...put them in the shape of his initial, make swirl patterns, make a heart shape etc. Wherever you place the honey, the petals are sure to stick and trust me it turns out great!! He'll love snapping these flicks just not sure how many he can stand to take -:)!! If you want to surprise him and make it a gift for valentine's day, his b-day or just because, have your bff or someone you're comfy with take the photos of you & that way you can surprise him! You can find rose petals by the bag at your local florist and even the supermarket at times in the floral department!  Try'll be a photo shoot to remember! 

*Edible Fun*...Are you a fan of edible "candy pants" for men? Known as edible panties for women. Well, if you are then you may agree when I say they are gross and taste like plastic! Yuck! But, that doesn't mean the fun has to stop...just make your own! Ah-ha...ever thought about that one? I'm sure many of you have and probably have even tried this out. You're not really "making" them just making something into "candy pants" & that something is......(drum roll)......a FRUIT ROLL UP!! Yep! Fruit roll ups aren't just for kids or for that occasional sweet tooth! They can also be for "adult fun"! That way when used as "candy pants" on your love it actually adds some flavor and doesn't taste like your consuming plastic! You know the saying from the tootsie roll lolly pop right? "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop".  Well ...spice it up even more and apply that to the "candy pants" if you know what I mean *wink*! Every time my husband & I are over someones house & we see fruit roll ups in their kitchen, we just look at each other & smirk! Try it out! I bet you wont look at fruit roll ups the same! 

*Shower Surprise*...Pretty simple but effective! Being spontaneous is key a lot of times. As I said in the first "Spice It Up" post....YOU CANT BE BORING & YOU CANT CONTINUOUSLY DO THE NORM! A shower surprise is just that! Nothing wrong with asking if you can hop in with him but I think it's much more fun if you just hop in on your own! Let him get in first. If you like (this part is totally up to you), light a nice scented candle and take it with you into the bathroom, Turn the lights off and hop in. Not only will this surprise him but it'll excite him also! We all need attention and it's nice to get it unexpectedly! Sometimes the most simple gestures are remembered the most! 

*I See You*....Incorporate mirrors into the fun! Visuals do wonders!! If you don't have a mirrored ceiling as most of us don't, incorporate the hanging door mirror. Not sure what it is about seeing yourself hot in the moment but it awakens the creativity! Just like when taking a "selfie" you adjust your face until you think it's cute and then you snap right? Well, it's the same thing! If you can see your movements, your expressions, his expressions & his movements you inner curiosity will kick in and you'll have an urge to want to go harder! They say go hard or go home right? Give it a try!

*Press Play*...Last but definitely not least are adult films. Do you prefer to watch them or make them?? Not everybody is comfortable watching adult films. Some people feel it's gross to see adults have sex and that is totally your prerogative! Adult films are known to help, teach and or spice things up! If you are one that's comfortable watching them, then pop one in, sit back & let time takes it's course!! Somethings bound to jump off! Now, if your comfort level with adult films is on another level then you can make your own! This can be tricky though! We've all heard those horror stories of the tape "mysteriously" disappearing and you don't ever want that! For that reason, you have to be 100% convinced that this person is worthy and deserving of this treat! I personally think this is the treat of all treats!! But, Being put on film is a lifetime thing & in the words of the "Queen B" aka Beyonce...."if you like it then you shoulda' put a ring on it"! My opinion...You give lifetime treats when you have a lifetime commitment! But, if you're not worried about those horror stories & are willing to experiment with the camera...then be a star & make a movie to remember!! 

Hope you found part 2 of my tips on how to "Spice it Up" interesting and willing to give them a try! If you do, come back, leave a comment and let me know what spice you added! 

Until next time and as always thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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