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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spice It Up..."Hump Day" Edition!!!

In some relationships, especially relationships with longevity may experience a "stand still" so to speak when it comes to the spice. It may be because of the "same routine" or one or both partners have become "lack luster" and or too comfortable. Either way, you DO NOT want to loose that fire that was once their in the beginning. After all, that's one of the many things that kept you interested right? Well, if you've lost some spice or just entertaining new ways to keep the spice, this article is for you! By doing some or all of these're sure to keep your partner interested in you & attracted to you! 

Now sip this tea with caution honey, 'cause I'm serving it HOT!!! 


*Role Playing*...Role playing can be so many different things. You can verbally role play aka talking dirty! When it comes to spice you CAN NOT be boring! Talking dirty allows you to show a different side that may usually be "reserved". It will definitely help the mood and get both of you guys in the swing of things. Role playing can also be playing dress up which is always a win-win! Whether it's slipping into something your love likes to see you in or "special character outfits". We all know the naughty student and the teacher, the "girl next door" you'd never know came out to play or the infamous cops and robbers. Now who plays what role is up to you! Go to your local pleasure store and pic up a couple fits and do some role playing tonight! 

*Date Night*...You can have date night at home or away from home. If having date night at home you can do several things. Sometimes men need to know that you can have fun at home too and its not just about spending money! So, show him dating at home can be fun! One way is by cooking a favorite meal of his with a nice wine or champagne. After dinner, play a game like naked twister or dare no truth....just dare (wink)! Another fun game to play is "roll the dice to that position" (which can also be found at your local Pleasure stores). Whatever position the dice lands on, you HAVE to do it! No if, ands or buts! P.S. you may need to sign up to a Pilate's class after that game..ha ha! But, if you choose date night away from home, pick a nice romantic restaurant that's sure to set the mood. I.e....restaurants on the water, dimly lit restaurants etc. After all date night is about fun and romance!!

*Fun w/Glow in the dark Body Paint*...Whew!!! Now THIS is funners!!!!! It's all about painting a picture right? Hm....well paint your picture on your love and vice versa!!! Yes!!! You're sure to have a "body party" with this. Not only is it fun but its extra sexy in my opinion! The feel of your touch to his body and vice versa will heat it up for sure! Once your all painted up from him, he's probably going to give you that "now what" look! Well...the fun doesn't have to end there! Now is the time for you to throw in a dance for him. Put on some music you feel you can move your body to. While your body is dancing, so is his mind-TRUST me! All he'll see is the silhouette of your body with bright fun colors. Yes....I'm having flashbacks as I type-lol! My husband LOVED this! You can purchase glow in the dark paint just about anywhere. I purchased mine from Walmart. So, give it a try! Be creative, be sexy, be seductive!! Who said your canvas had to be paper! Like the legend Jay-Z says...Picasso baby!

*Leave Love Trails*...Love trails are super cute! The goal is to randomly place them strategically around the house where your love can find them! For example, In the morning you can leave a note on their clothes for that day or in the bathroom by essentials like his shaving materials etc. If he's a coffee or tea drinker, leave it on the coffee or tea pot. If he has to grab his lunch out the fridge leave it on the fridge or better yet....slip it inside his lunch so he'll find it at lunch time. You basically want to remind your love that you love them at the most random times!! So invest in some post-it notes and give it a go!!

*The Infamous Blind Fold*...So, of course when your eyes are covered you don't know what to expect, which is sooooooo much fun in the bedroom!! If you always know what to expect then your going back to the norm which is no fun at all!! Play the guessing game! You basically can use what you choose from ice, fruits, honey etc. With him blindfolded or vice versa, you have to guess the fruit from the feel no tasting ...yet! When playing with ice, honey your own Picasso again and seductively paint a picture on his body! Cold ice on a hot body will cause a good friction you wont regret! So, go out and get you a blind fold or a nice clean silk scarf. Please don't use your night scarf ladies-lol Just kidding...well no I'm not! :)

*Ambiance is EVERYTHING*...Last but definitely not least is your ambiance!! In my opinion ambiance says a lot. Just like your home, you want it clean, smelling good & inviting. Well, its no different when setting a romantic setting for your love! Candles especially scented candles not only smell great but are very sexy too!!! Also, adding music is a plus for the ambiance. Good tunes gives good vibes! Depending on the tunes, you either want to dance or make love! So light some candles, dim the lights, play some music & focus on nothing but the two of you!

Hope you guys enjoyed some of my views/tips on how to "spice it up"! Try them out if you haven't already & I'll be back with more soon!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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