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Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday's Call For Fried Shrimp

If I didn't say this before I'll say it now....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEAFOOD!!!! Man oh man, it's like the best thing next to fashion- lol! 

I'd been craving shrimp lately so I went and bought a big bag of extra large shrimp from BJ's wholesale and they are so worth it!!

I fried a couple up using the Zatarain's shrimp fry and I must say it was a WIN!!! It was my first time using their shrimp fry because I normally just make up my own batter but this Friday was a late night so I decided to stop and pick something up. They came out GREAT! The color and the taste were on point!

Take a look...

Up close and personal

Zatarain's Shrimp Fry-Soooo Good

In the Zatarain's batter (Zatarain's shrimp fry + water)

After the batter comes more Zatarain's mix

Frying in Coconut Oil

Finished Product....Yummy!!!

Finished Product paired with a small simple salad!!!

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