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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Natural Aphrodisiacs Known To Improve Your Sex Life...

It's Wednesday guys so you know what that means...."Hump Day" Talk!! 

You guys know when we do "Hump Day" talk, I'm simply giving advice/tips on how to possibly improve your sex life and/or just new tips that you can try out or share with others! Today I thought it'd be cool to explore the natural aphrodisiacs our bodies supposedly have a positive sexual reaction to.

Most of us want to be great at anything we do right? Does that include sex also? If you're sexually active within your relationship, I'm sure you always want to be on your A-game from your sexual arousal to your sexual performance and aphrodisiacs are known to help awaken your sexual desire which will then increase your they say!

Over time, studies show that men and women have tried almost anything that was called an aphrodisiac, no matter how unappetizing or bizarre because there's always a constant search for better sex! The more extreme aphrodisiacs that I wouldn't dare try (lol) are eels, elephant tusk, lion blood, bull testicles, rhino horn, ram penis, & pig genitals. Now I don't know about you guys but I'm just not that curious-lol! Plus, where in the world do you find those things?? 

OK, back to the well known, not so weird and more commonly used aphrodisiacs! 

Here's just a small list:

Oysters- Contain zinc which is an essential mineral for men needed for sperm production. Oysters are also known to release testosterone in women.

Shrimp- High in iodine which is needed by the thyroid gland that regulates energy including sexual energy.

Chocolate- Includes caffeine and a plant substance called phytosteral that mimics human sex hormones.

Pineapples- Actually anything citrus based can help. If you consume pineapple or even drink a glass of orange juice about 6-8 hours before sexual activity, you will actually smell and taste slightly sweeter than usual which is a win win for you and your partner :)!!

While these natural aphrodisiacs wont work for everyone, they're all cheap, easy and fun ways to experiment! Try one or try all...It cant hurt to try right?

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally! 


  1. Artichokes is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which are critical to proper body function and blood flow

    1. Thanks for the info and thanks for checking out my blog!!!