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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football???

Football season is BACK!!! Tonight is the opening kick off game for the regular season (happy dancing)!! Can you tell I'm excited? Lol! I've ALWAYS been a fan of the sports football and basketball but it's gotten more intense since meeting my husband! When I was single I guess you can say i was just watching the game without really understanding all of the plays. But now of course I'm much more advanced because of him! Now, I'm totally involved! I'm on the edge of my seat just as much as he is! I just love everything about football from the way the players look in their uniforms (yes gawd) to the players making a touchdown! 

I guess you know which team we are fans of from the above picture!!! Yes...49er nation baby!! They had a pretty good season last year and we think this year will be just good if not better than the last! There's been a lot of talk about the 49er's and it seems we are the favorite in the sports community to go to the super bowl for the second straight year which would be awesome!!! We shall see!!!

Now, I know what you're thinking....why not root for the home team the Redskins right? Well, as I said they are the home team so we do root for them from a distance to do well UNLESS they are playing our 49er's (lol) which will be Monday night November 25th and yes we will be in attendance! 

If you're as excited as I am, then I'm sure you'll be watching tonight's game with the Super bowl champs the Baltimore Ravens vs the Denver Broncos at Denver! Who are you rooting for? 

Time for me to log off and get the "game food" ready!!!!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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