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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Top 10 Things That Really Irk My Nerves...

We all have those things that irk us aka pet peeves! I'm listing the top 10 but I'm sure I could name more-lol! The listing is in no particular order just a few things I could think of off the top of my head! 

  1. Men w/Dirty Socks - I can NOT stand dirty socks on a man!!! Whew...that just does something to me! I can't stand to see them turned every way but the right way & I can't take old looking socks. You know lint balls or stained socks. But, I love WHITE socks! Weird right? But i do! When my husband has his socks on, it makes me feel some type of way-lol! Not sure what it is. Maybe it's the way they fit his foot and the brightness of them! Every time we are in Target (Tarje') or Wal-mart we pick up a pack because he knows how much I love ultra white bright socks! lol
  2. Dirty Kitchens - I'm sure I'm not alone with this one! If nothing irks my nerves a dirty kitchen will do it! Have you ever went over someones house and their kitchen area was just a bit disturbing?? Well, I surely have and it disgust me! I know we all may fall behind here and there on tidying up the place but come on!! Your stove should not have layers upon layers of grease! I should not be able to play "connect the dots" from stains on your floor. Your kitchen sink should not have old dishes sitting with old water in them whether you have a dish washer or not. I just think old dishes sitting are sitting in bacteria...yuck! My hubster calls me a germ-a-fob because I'm so serious when it comes to the kitchen! So serious that I don't use sponges & if I do, I have to have on gloves. I just have this thing where I think they hold bacteria! So I use the brush. Idk..guess I am a little weird huh?
  3. Poor Driving Etiquette -(SIGH) OK! Now, this is one I'm sure everyone can relate to. You don't have to have road rage to dislike poor driving. When I say poor driving etiquette I mean those drivers that jump in front of you like it was such a need to then drive 20mph!! Then you have the drivers that are trying to make a exit on the beltway so they have to hurry up and jump in front of you! Or the driver who suddenly brakes really hard and there's absolutely nothing in front of them, then you look and notice they're on a phone call!!! I mean if you cant talk and drive please don't!!! It's very dangerous! Then there's the speedy gonzales driver who speeds through traffic, in and out of lanes like they're the only one on the road! That really bothers me. I mean, have some courtesy!! Not everyone drives like they're in a Nascar race. Like my uncle says "if you wanted to get there in 2.5 seconds you should have a jet"! lol
  4. Inappropriate Undergarments - Ladies you know the women I'm talking about. You see them all the time! Especially in the summer time. Why wear a form fitted skirt or dress and your underwear lines are showing? That's what thongs are for and if you aren't a fan of thongs buy seamless panties... they do wonders! Aside from the outline of your panties showing, another annoying peeve of mine is printed undergarments!! With fabrics such as sheers or even cotton that may not be lined or dark in color, why wear prints that will show through? Me personally, I just think it looks tacky. As the saying goes "Keep It classy never trashy"! Okk :)
  5. Parenting Gone Wrong - When I say parenting gone wrong I mean those horrid videos they make with the kiddies! You know the videos...the ones with parents you see on social media sites telling the babies to cuss or telling the babies to do certain gestures like putting up their middle finger or allowing them to dance as adults. I think the worst part about it is, the parents are in the background at most times laughing!! What could possibly be funny about that? I think they tend to forget that those cute little people will eventually grow into adults and they will take everything you've taught them and apply it to their everyday life! You should want your children to be a reflection on you! 
  6. Hood Rich - I guess this one isn't really a pet peeve but it does irk my nerves. It really gets me when I see women and men living beyond their means and I think it's because they don't realize it but they are falling right into what statistics say about the younger generation. These days people are so worried about impressing those that know nothing about them and couldn't care two cents about them! You know the females who will spend $1000 plus on a handbag and or designer labels but doesn't have half of that in a bank account. Or the ones that will go out and buy a designer t-shirt for $500 but cant pay a bill off that's half that price! I for one have learned over my years that priorities are BIG in life! There is NOTHING wrong with designer brands or luxury cars if your lifestyle permits it. But, your priority should be to prioritize your life like your credit score, having zero or close to little debt etc. But, the sad part is some people actually think they're better than the next because of that brand or label! Sorry for the rude awaking but...Fashion is NOT the label your wearing but how you style what you're wearing! 
  7. The DMV - Now, I'm not sure if it's just my area which is Washington, DC but I absolutely dread going to the DMV. I think I can honestly say there's only been about one to two times that I've been to the DMV and have actually gotten help without attitude! I don't know why everyone that works there is so mean! I'm starting to think that has to be a qualification to be employed there! I mean, nobody greets you with a smile or pleasant demeanor. It's always with MAJOR attitude!! Then, they make everything so complicated it's very rare a one time trip. I swear you can ask anyone from the DC area and I bet they agree with this post! Sad right?
  8. Not Washing Your Hands After the Restroom - This is just gross!!! To see someone at a public restroom in a department store or restaurant etc use the restroom and NOT wash their hands annoys me to no end! It bothers me so bad, I've actually said something before! Germs are carried so many ways and one way actually the most common way is through touch i.e through our hands!! When you use the restroom without washing your hands afterwards and then proceed to eat, or touch door handles or shake someones hand....your passing along bacteria/germs!!! But if they don't care about their own hygiene, I guess they could care less about the next person's huh? Aside from being gross and a walking bacteria, I just think it's selfish to do so! 
  9. Paper Cuts - These are the most annoying cuts. How can something so small hurt so bad??? I mean it stings like salt being poured into a wound! OK, maybe I exaggerated a bit but gee whiz they hurt!
  10. Dead beat parents - Last but not least is a dead beat, good for nothing parent! Mother or father because it can go wither way! It's not just men that fall short! No matter your situation your child is innocent and should not have to pay for your short comings. Money is not everything. Parenting has much more to do with how much you spend on your child. It's about companionship, stability, love, support, guidance and so much more. Your child is a part of you! When you see that child you should see yourself and everything you want to become! As a parent you have the gift to mold a person! How cool is that? No you cant control the decisions or life pattern they may choose but you play a big role in the person they will become by everything you instill in them! It's so unfortunate that children get the short end of the stick when things may go wrong in the parents relationship. You have the fathers that are upset with the women that's having their child as if they didn't play a role in that process so they chose not to partake in raising that child! Or that parent that goes and spends money on their clothes, alcohol, dates etc but cant take their kids school shopping or pay child support. A lot of times they are trying to hurt the other parent not realizing it's the child suffering! It's so unfair to that baby and that really irks my nerves!
Well those were 10 things that really irk my nerves! I'm sure some of you can relate to at least one. Let me know some of your pet peeves, I'm sure I can relate to you as well!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!


  1. I hate when people chew with their mouths open. I dont need to see what your food is going to look like before it hits your stomach. There is a such thing as table etiquette.

    -Amy :)

    1. HA!! That's definitely a good one!! Table etiquette should be exercised at all times! Thanks so much for your comment!! :)