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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fashion For Fall Feat. Forever21....

Fall is finally here....yaaaay!!! Guess you can tell I LOVE fall fashion. From boots, jackets/coats, layering pieces, cute scarfs, etc. you just can't really go wrong!

Forever21 has trendy pieces at very reasonable prices for teens as well as adults. Some women don't like to shop at Forever21 because they feel like it's for teens. Me on the other hand, I wear what I like no matter where it's from so I don't mind at all! 

With Fall finally here, I thought I'd explore and share with you a few of the fabulous fashion for fall I personally liked over at Forever21 (some pieces I ordered for myself as well :)! 

Check them out:

{Dreamy Georgette Zippered Top} $22.80

{Versatile Twill Pants} $22.80

{Sorry Not Sorry Raglan Sweatshirt} $22.80

{Stud Queen Skinny Jeans} $24.80

{Cutout Open-Knit Sweater} $22.80
{Knit BodyCon Skirt} $9.80

Did you like these cute pieces as much as I did? If so, head over to and order up! Oh...hurry because Forever21 is offering FREE shipping...YES FREE on any order $21 or more. Promotion ends 9/25/13 so GO!!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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