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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Does Size Matter.....Of The Ring That Is?

This blog post came about from a conversation I had with a girlfriend yesterday, which was interesting and hilarious might I add because we shared two different views and opinions on this topic! 

My opinion was no, not at all while her opinion was yes, it does matter. To each his own right? Well, I say no for several reasons. I think the size of the ring shouldn't be a concern AT ALL!! Now I don't know...maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just old school, maybe I'm just not that self-centered to be focused on something so small when I already have the BIG prize....his heart!!! That's just my thought.

While a huge ring would be awesome and of course beautiful, it would NOT matter in the least bit nor would it determine if I could or would marry him.

Women block blessing all the time because we allot of times are worried about what "society" may think. Society can be family, friends and even people who know nothing about you. When in reality, you should care about if he makes you happy, if he's committed to you and your relationship, if he has your back, if he supports your dreams, if he's your biggest fan, if he's a doer and not a talker, and over all if he's somebody that ultimately makes your world better!!! THAT'S what matters ....not the size of the ring!

If your man is ring shopping for you then that means he holds you higher than any other woman he's dated prior to you and wants to make you his wife! Isn't that enough? I'm sure he wants the best for you and would do all that he could to get you the best ring he could afford! So, if goes out and gets a ring that's not of your standards aka big enough, then chances are he probably couldn't afford it at that time. Now, if he has it financially to buy a huge ring then cool....of course, by all means that's great! But if he cant, don't criticize or think less of him because the ring isn't the ring of your dreams! Again, your focus should be on the fact that he loves you enough to put a ring on it!

In conclusion to my opinion....remember the ring is just a symbol of unity! The size of the stone doesn't determine the marriage. But, some women like my girlfriend, seem to believe that his love is determined by the size of the ring he buys. So basically, the bigger the stone - the better the marriage? I think NOT!! But again, this is just my opinion! There are soooooo many women walking around with big rocks and empty hearts! Who wants that? That ring is all some women have. If you have true love, the size of the ring wont matter to you. If the love is genuine and loyal...who freaking cares? Women are always saying it's hard to find a good man, yet when some have one they allow "society" (aka friends, family or foe) to tell them how it should be! Stop worrying about impressing the next! Stay true to yourself and the love of your life! Don't miss out on happiness because of the "material haves and have nots"! 

Unconditional love is the greatest blessing to experience. I'm thankful that I have the husband I have. Loyal, kind, caring, appreciative, attentive, supportive, my biggest fan, and best friend. I told him when he proposed...I would've said yes with a rubber band because I have never experienced love on this level and I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

So, what do you think? Does the size of the ring really matter? Does the size determine the amount of love he has for you? How do you feel, let me know!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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