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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dear Ladies: STOP Letting the Unqualified In- You're Harming Your Womb

Do you believe in YOU? Do you believe that YOU deserve nothing short of the BEST? If so, then you should agree as much as I do with the above quote!

As women we often get side tracked by what we want as far as companionship, by social media's image of what's supposed to be or simply by paying attention to the lives of others more than we do our very own!! It's easy to fall victim to your own pity party not even realizing you're throwing one. By focusing on what you don't have and how bad you want it.... makes your inner spirit vulnerable and it becomes very easy to let toxic energy in, which in fact will harm your womb!

I think these three simple steps will not only help you to protect your womb so that you don't fall victim to "self inflicted pain", but will hopefully also open your eyes on what to do and what not to do making your life so much easier :)!!!!

#1- STOP settling just to say you have somebody!! Trust me, I get it! I really do!! We all want someone we can call our own. Someone to have our back like no other. Someone to come home to etc. BUT ... if you settle with someone that's not faithful to their word, not loyal to your relationship, doesn't show you constant love and support.....YOU'RE NOT PROTECTING YOUR WOMB!! By allowing this toxic energy in your life, you're only adding more stress and more pounds of hurt on your heart than you had being single (where they do that at??)! Use the idle time to not complain about what you don't have, or what you want and tired of waiting on but to instead focus on YOU!!! Tell yourself daily that you are worth it. Work hard towards your goals whether it be financial, health, career moves etc. Once your done accomplishing just a couple goals you set forth, you wont have time to entertain toxic energy!!!

#2- STOP letting social media society predict where you should be in life!! It's 2016 and a lot of people have that "social media-microwave society" mindset where we want everything NOW!! The career, the job, the house and of course...the spouse! What we have to realize is, social media is a place where people show you what they WANT you to see! It's not a life vlog where everyday or every waking moment is broadcast so of course it's gonna look peachy!! Just because it appears to be 100% on social media does not mean it's 100% in life! BIG difference! So don't get caught up in what you see online. Rushing into something is for sure harming your womb. Be patient! Don't accept bull**** because you're tired of being single and you're getting older blah-blah-blah...what's meant to be yours - will be yours! Everything happens when it's supposed to happen. 

#3- STOP watching others, keeping track of what their doing comparing your moves to theirs!!! I think this can be thee biggest mistake of all and yet the easiest way to harm your womb! Why? Because your life is NOT the next persons life! What they have has NOTHING to do with you and what you may or may not have! Just because your friend is married or in a relationship and you're not, does not mean their more ahead in life than you are! We all will have something that the next person doesn't and vice-versa. Be happy for the next person and all their happiness because a bitter heart doesn't produce love and if you're not producing love how will GOD see fit to send you love? Please believe....we reap what we sew. So, if you're sewing hate, it's simple....don't expect to reap love! It's like oil and water.....the two don't work!

Now, these three simple steps are simply my opinion to help you NOT accept toxic energy into your heart and life! It's pretty simple: Don't settle, Don't let social media predict your timetable in life and NEVER compare your life to the next person's. Buy doing these things, it's almost impossible to let the unqualified in! Unqualified meaning, not loyal, not trusting, not compassionate, not supportive, not encouraging, etc. There are so many "men" looking to take a seat wherever the chair is pulled out. Meaning, they have NO intention on being faithful but because your vulnerability is transparent and easy to play on... they play on it! So be confident in YOU, be dedicated to improving YOU, and most importantly be in love with YOU so that when real love comes knocking.... you already know what it sounds like cause cant nobody love you like you love yourself! 

Major Key: "You can't expect to "level up" when you're accepting beneath your level!"

Hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts on this post. If you have something to add, please comment or email:).

As always... Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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