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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Family Affair At Benihana

My second post for "Like it-Love it-or Leave it" is on Benihana restaurant in the oh so swanky heart of downtown Bethesda, MD. 

Almost everyone has either experienced Benihana before, or if not specifically Benihana, then another Japanese hibachi style restaurant. I personally like the atmosphere of Japanese hibachi style restaurants, especially for families or large parties. It's also a kid friendly environment with entertaining chef's and great food! What's there not to like? 

My family and I went to celebrate my brother's 25th b-day (whom I love very much)!!! Everyone from my 86 yr old grandmother down to my 3 yr old cousin enjoyed themselves. No complaints what-so-ever!! The food was deeelish....the drinks we're superb (I did send one back for it to be made a little stronger, hey it was a celebration- don't judge me:), and our chef was very entertaining!! 

I've posted a couple pics below...check 'em out!


I Love U...Creativity

It's a celebration....Happy B-Day to my only bruva (yes I said bruva)!

Tuna = Yummy!!!

Mai Tai

Hubby's Fresh Sushi

We all left smiling :)

If you have a Benihana in your area....go check them out! We always enjoy ourselves when we go and I hope you will too!!

As always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!

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