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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A guideline to "Making his Valentine's Day A Day to Remember" From Morning To Night

Don't cheat him.....Treat him!!!!

With Valentine's Day a little over a week away, I thought I'd share a guideline starting with his morning to his evening on "Making his Valentine's Day, A Day to Remember :)!!

In my opinion, Valentine's Day is NOT just about the woman! If you're in a relationship it should be about the LOVE that you share which means you should be treating him as well! 

We all know the norm dinner, cards and chocolate....boriiiiiing- lol! Just kidding, but it is truly a little mundane and ordinary! Why not step it up and make this valentine's day a day to remember!! 

If you agree and are interested in some of the sensual and sexy ideas, take a look below:

Now I'm not sure if this is really needed because I'm sure we've all been successful without it-lol! But, just thought it was interesting and of course, it doesn't hurt to try! So, start your morning off with some wet shower love! As I said, I don't necessarily think it's necessary but I do think this can help to let's say "keep steady"! You can find the "sex in the shower" at

After your morning "love shower", leave a simple "love note" with a rose or two. Make it sexy and give it your sexy touch by writing it in red lipstick! Say something like "I love you and cant wait to see you later, I'll be well worth it"!

Now that you've left you're "love note" for him.....slip this "Have Your Way With Me" coupon in another place he's sure to see i.e...on the seat of his car, in his coat pocket, leave it sticking out of his shoe etc. The point is surprise after surprise to have him anticipating his evening of love!

By this time the work day has passed, and you should be home getting ready to keep that promise you made. Remember? The note above "I love you and cant wait to see you later, I promise... it'll be worth it"?? Yeah, that one! Have his favorite meal and drink on deck! Wear these thigh highs and your sexiest pump with NOTHING else as you prepare dinner!!

After dinner, pour him a cup of his drink of choice and lay him down! It's Massage time!! But, this time use a scented "Pheromone candle"!! We are all familiar with candle wax being used as a form of seduction when used on the body right? BUT, this is no regular candle! This scented candle's wax contains pheromones, which can be used as massage oil when warm! Talk about sexy:)!

Now that he's all full from dinner, tipsy from his drink, muscles loose from his massage and his mind is racing from your presence in nothing but your thigh highs and pumps, it's time to turn up the heat!!! Yea-Baby (In my best Tamar voice) lol! These oral mints will do just that! Oral warming mints will help give him that intense pleasure!


I hope you all enjoyed my version of "Making his Valentines Day A Day to remember"!!! If you're still looking for more ideas, click the tab to the right "Love-Sex & Everything In Between" to see some of my previous ideas like sexy photo shoots, natural aphrodisiacs etc!

Until next time and as always...Thanks for checking out my blog: TwithTally!!

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